Jodie and Stefi begin their 100 mile flamingo gofundme challenge

Stefi and Jodie are two friends from Blackpool who are raising money for Michelle and her family following a devastating diagnosis by medical professionals. On

Former Bonds ice cream business continues to trade in Elswick

Visiting Bond's Ice Cream on a hot sunny day has been a firm family tradition in our household for as long as I can remember.

Floating like a balloon over the beach

Today we bring you a beautiful video clip filmed from the perspective of a balloon floating away from the shore at Cocker street, close to

Facebook outage reported

A facebook outage is being reported by many users on the website down detector. It's not yet clear why the website is experiencing issues but

Boris Books Blackpool BnB for Post-Covid Blowout

News outlets report this morning that Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister has made his plans for his team's Post-Covid Summer Blowout and we’re excited to

What’s All This Wall Street talk on the internet

If you've been hiding in a bunker since last weekend you'll likely not have heard about Wall Street Bets, Game Stop or any Hedge funds

The TRUTH About this poison meat picture

A resident who lives near Mowbray Drive in Blackpool has taken to social media to warn other local residents to be careful when out walking their dogs. In a picture posted on some local facebook groups tonight – there appears to be greenish poison inside a piece of meat. The Continue Reading

Highbury Morris Dancers

Highbury Morris Dancers are a fluffy Morris dancing troupe based in Fleetwood, Lancashire. Their co-founders and principles are Sharni Bovill and Aimee Brookes. With over 40 years of dancing experience between them, and multiple medals to their names (as dancers and trainers). The troupe were inspired by the work that Continue Reading

Queen Street Improvements 2020

It seems that since the beginning of Lock-down – different areas of the town have been closed off for portions of time to allow road works and re-surfacing and other renovations to be carried out. One of these sections of street has recently been re-opened without much ceremony at all Continue Reading

Police release statement ahead of Weekend

Lancashire police have released the following statement ahead of what is anticipated to be their busiest weekend of the year so far with some sources likening it to New Years Eve. We have been following officers on the streets of Blackpool since 2017 and have seen first hand what they Continue Reading

The George Hotel, Blackpool.

Written By Juliette W Gregson BPL Bible Heritage Photographer and History Editor Join her on – (Blackpool’s past) The George Hotel/The Revoe Inn The cottage at the corner of Ibbison Street and Central Drive became a beer house with James Bagot as landlord. Known as the Revoe Inn, it was bought in 1887 Continue Reading