Layton Gets LIT

After being home to Blackpool’s Saddest Christmas Tree – Layton is now LIT.   Families and residents gathered tonight for the Layton Community Christmas Lights switch on. The event saw the closure of Westcliffe drive from 5:30PM til 7PM allowing crowds to gather around the Christmas Tree located on the Continue Reading

What is What Three Words and should I get it

This article is sponsored by Alpha Car Collections Have you ever been trying to describe your location to someone and not been able to properly articulate where you are? Perhaps you’re good at map reading but the person you’re trying to convey your location to – isn’t… What Three Words Continue Reading

South Shore Residents Report Power Outage

We were informed an hour ago that some residents Near to the Velvet Coaster had experienced power outages. Checking with Electricity Northwest – they do seem to be aware of an issue however the time stamp on their website is reporting that this power outage is happening in the future Continue Reading