Blackpool Community Chat Advertising offer

We’re now approaching 25,000 local members in our main group – but since setting up Blackpool Community Chat – We’ve been inundated with business posts daily. We Administrate easily over 100 posts a day – many of which are just plain ads for local businesses. Many of the posts are from local people looking for recommendations or information about the local area – these conflict somewhat with the amount of overt ad content that businesses attempt to post in the group.

We would much prefer to help curate better content on the group which is why we’ve set up this scheme to touch base with all local advertisers for a number of reasons.

To ensure that only legitimate local businesses are advertising to our members – ensuring a safer local trade and economy – reducing spam and scammers.

To help local businesses to produce better more engaging content online promoting fair competition. Once we’ve got your info – we can send you a monthly email with free advice and info about how to get more engagement from local people online using social media and other tools.

We can also offer a consulting service for local businesses who want to advertise more about their business but don’t have the time to dedicate to more marketing activities.
We’re good at what we do – just like you’re good at what you doo too. So let us do what we do for us – for you – too.

We initially intended for local business pages and personalities to post daily in the group with a community focus on their posts – this would have been an acceptable form of publicity in our opinion  however that’s not been happening.

In order to maintain the highest possible standard of content for our group – we have decided to operate the group with an admin fee for verification of local businesses to ensure that they are compliant with our rules of the group.

Once you’re successfully registered – your chosen Page or Profile will be pre approved to post twice per week about your business.

The fee at the moment is managed by our Advertising company BPL APP.

Click this image to register to advertise in Blackpool Community Chat

Details of how to take part in this cost effective local publicity programme can be found on their website using THIS link.


More Publicity for Your business

If you would like more publicity for your business – you can sponsor a series of posts/articles on this here website. Your ad will look similar to the ones below…


We will create a small in copy ad for you business that could look something like the ones in this page… We can also insert video if you have something ready to use.

We will pick a post or article that’s perfect for your business – has some relevancy and won’t run out of new readers anytime soon. You’ll get maximum brand exposure for your business for the smallest cost possible…

It’s really easy to sponsor 4 of our articles for just £20 – all you have to do is make payment using the paypal link below and email With the Subject “4 ads for £20” to let our advertising team know what you want in your upcoming ads. You can use this email to schedule a phone call if you prefer to talk us through it.

We will need to know info about your business in your email along with links to your website, social media accounts and any other relevant media we can use to shape your campaign.

Pay now using our Paypal link

You can use our paypal link to pay for this service now – but remember to email us afterwards as sign up is not automatic through paypal.


Blackpool community Chat has it’s own website.

It’s very much a work in progress but the facility is there for local news AND local discussions too. We are also aiming to produce a podcast named Blackpool Community Chat too.


You can sign up now for a free account and use the forums on the website just like the local group. We are hoping to increase the website user base this year including more local businesses too. It’s free to sign up for a basic account but in the future we intend on offering a premium service to our users for a modest monthly subscription.


For more info about anything on this page please email