Scott Benton MP resigns.

Scott Benton MP Resigns – Blackpool South MP.

This is for the hundreds if not thousands of local people who are on the MPs facebook block list who would probably like to know that Blackpool south MP Scott Benton has announced today he is resigning.

In a post on his facebook today he has announced that he has sent a letter in to tender his resignation.

His statement reads as follows:



It’s been the honour of a lifetime to represent our wonderful community in Parliament over the last four years.
It’s with a heavy heart that I have written to the Chancellor this morning to tender my resignation as your MP. I’d like to thank the hundreds of residents who have sent supportive messages, cards and letters over the last few months and who have urged me to continue and fight the next election. The support that so many local people have given to me has made it all worthwhile.
A Labour government would be catastrophic for our country. I’m mindful of giving a new candidate the time and space to campaign to prevent that from happening and it is for this reason that I have made this decision at this time.

As your MP I have always sought to do what I believed to be in the best interests of Blackpool, and of our country. Over the last four years we’ve faced significant challenges with Covid and the cost of living. Despite the economic challenges these have created, our community has benefited through over £400 million in additional government funding and capital investment – the highest amount of any town in the entire country. Most of these projects (including planned regeneration in Revoe, Central Drive & Bond Street; the new multiversity; Blackpool Central Development; and many other Levelling Up projects) have yet to commence but we will reap the rewards of these in terms of regeneration, new jobs and opportunities in the years ahead. Our A&E, schools and Police have also benefited from significant extra funding too and I’m proud of the role that I’ve been able to play in delivering that. Blackpool is a special place and it’s future is bright.
The most enjoyable part of the job has been being able to meet so many of you, either on the doorstep, or at the over 650 different charities, voluntary groups, sports clubs, churches and businesses I have visited. I will always cherish being able to contribute towards, and to see, the brilliant work which goes on, often by unsung heroes, in our community. I’ve held over 220 surgeries and events and my team and I have assisted over 19,500 local people with different issues and problems, having much success, but sadly some failures, along the way too. Being able to help those who have needed it most has been a privilege and my team and I will continue to work on all existing casework for those who have previously contacted me in this interim period.
The global events of the past four years would have been extremely challenging for any government to deal with. The optimism and hope felt by many after we delivered Brexit in early 2020 was quickly overtaken by the pandemic and the challenges Covid has led to in terms of the economy and public services have proven incredibly difficult since. The government hasn’t got everything right and I’ve always been robust in speaking out for what I think our community and country needs in Parliament, having spoken on more than 350 occasions – one of the highest of all MPs since 2019. It’s easy for opposition politicians to criticise from the sidelines when they haven’t got any policies or a plan of their own. It’s a lot harder delivering for people when there are no easy solutions to many of the complex problems we face.
In 2019, I pledged to be an active, hardworking and relatable MP who would listen to your concerns and views and act upon them: I’d like to think that I have more than succeeded in that aim. It’s in the best interests of our community that my successor succeeds and I wish them well.
With best wishes

What next.

As pictured above we might see Scott making an appearance at the Blackpool lights arcade helping with the £1 burgers – or he could have a glittering career waiting for him in the gaming industry.

Blackpool will be looking at a fresh crop of candidates to stand as MP for Blackpool south.

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