2024 Publicity Products

We are often asked if we can share posts for local businesses to help them gain more customers or awareness for a product service or upcoming event.

If you have prepared a press release / communication with prepared images – please forward this to Newsdesk@thebplbible.co.uk for consideration.

For all other advertising enquiries please email AdBooking@thebplbible.co.uk

You can post in our group!

We set up a group specifically for people who support local businesses. You can post about your business once a week in there – and use it to create connections with other locals.

Blackpool Community Chat (40k members)

This year in our Blackpool Community Chat FaceBook group – we are operating an invitation only advertising scheme which runs annually. If you would like to know more about advertising in that group please visit our network partner website Blackpool community chat for all the relevant details.

Our other groups

We have many other groups available for other purposes please inbox or email us about these if you have any questions about advertising regularly or annually.

The BPL Bible’s Blackpool Advertising, Publicity and Promo Services

The BPL Bible was established in 2015 and has attracted over 90,000 followers. It’s facebook page reaches in excess of half a million newsfeeds each month. If you want to advertise, publicise or promote something on the BPL Bible’s social media outlets or suite of websites – you can choose one of the following options and add on any extras if required.
Once you’re ready to make your booking email AdBooking@thebplbible.co.uk

Facebook and Social media posts

If you want us to share or copy a post from Your Facebook page to our 90K followers the fee is £20 per time

If you want us to create the post for you using media available online and word we write to accompany it – Which is then shared on all of our social media accounts and groups – It’s £45 per time

We have other local Facebook brand pages that can be included at £10 per extra outlet.

This can be helpful in exposing your brand to potential new followers – or for getting a boost for a new promotion you are running and it’s the lowest priced service we provide.

We are ready to assist you in promoting your local offers and businesses. We can help you access a larger reach for a relatively small fee.

Some of the options are as follows:

2024 introductory offer 5 week brand campaign – Facebook only Campaign – 10 posts over 5 weeks for £80 –
We create some custom posts and use some posts to share from your Facebook page over a 5 week period.

Social Media Videos

Starting from £350 we can create a custom promotional video to use on yours and our social media channels for the promotion of your business. We control the project from start to finish creating a social content piece that doesn’t feel like an advert. For additional costs we can include actors presenters and “local youtubers / vloggers”. Each video job is treated differently based on the objectives of the client and nature of their business. To find out more send us an email to AdBooking@thebplbible.co.uk

Website Banner advertising

If you would like to sponsor advertising banners on our website you can do starting from £25. We can even discuss what type of article you would like to be found in online.

For £25 You will get 2 banner ads in the body text of 2 different articles on our website; including backlinks to your social media sites, websites or booking services.

Your banner may appear in an article with up to 4 other brands.

If you wish to book more banners and help us write more local news content we can offer

  • 12 banners over 12 months for £120 or
  • 24 banners over 12 months for £220
  • 48 banners over 12 months for £420
  • 100 banners over the course of a year for £790

For enquiries please email AdBooking@thebplbible.co.uk

Do you need other web content creating?

You can easily access the same designers and webmasters who look after this and our other websites, groups, accounts and social pages.

With starter packages from £99 including domain name, one year’s hosting and a simple contact web-page to start you off – there’s never been a better time to start a website.

We can also assist you with finding a photographer – videographer – drone pilot or any other kind of digital creative.

For online and media content enquiries – email – AdBooking@thebplbible.co.uk