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What’s it all about?

Although We’re currently still a local volunteer ran independent media outlet – We would like to make a proper business out of this and actually pay the people who shape our online presence and admin our groups. We obey the same reporting regulations as a newspaper but we’re doing this on hopes and dreams and spare change from down the back of the sofa. We’re trying to build this into a bigger and better local media service but we can’t do it on our own –

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Please help us to grow this community and make it something much more useful for Blackpool & the Fylde Coast! Spread the good word!

If you’ve got any suggestions or ideas for articles email us direct at We take all submissions, pictures, videos, stories seriously.

Social Media Support Network

Blackpool Community Chat *NEW WEBSITE*

This is our main Facebook Group for interacting with other members in the local community. Join the group and get involved! Click the picture below!


Because Facebook has been a little flaky of late – we can’t rely on it’s servers to host our group – well not all of it anyway – that’s why we set up Blackpool community chat on it’s own website.

There’s no fee to join – members can have a personal profile and join discussion groups and post news, pictures and videos with an experience similar to Facebook. It’s not exactly the same – but you’ll get the same kind of info and experience.  We want to make sure that all our members are interacting safely online so we will only allow people to interact if they have a verified profile with our website. There’s only a few steps to follow.


BPL Business Supporters Group

A free group on Facebook for supporters of local business. Business owners can connect with other local business owners and local supporters to advertise products and services – share advice and pass referrals around to other local members in the network.

If you’ve not already done so – please give our facebook page, insta, Youtube and twitter accounts a Like or follow!!

Every little interaction helps. Clicks cost nothing but they help us go that extra “Golden” mile!!

Social Media Links

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Join our team of volunteers

Content Writers

If you live in the local area and have got free time to be a bit of a community reporter – you can join us HERE.
We are looking for people who would like to get involved in community journalism projects and may also be interested in making a little money whilst doing it.

We are looking for content writers and we’re paying a penny a word at the moment for articles between 250 and 300 words long.

We use WordPress so if you know how to use that it’s an advantage but we can help you to learn along the way.

You MUST be able to report and write accurately including any relevant research if required.

This opportunity WILL develop into a more substantial role at the BPL Bible for the right candidate.

Moderators for our groups

We’re also looking for Moderators for our Facebook group. Please inbox us if you think you would like to help us steer the local online conversation.

Sell Your Media.

We have links with local and national media buyers.

If you have a picture or a video or a story that you think is interesting enough for the national press or magazines – we can help you sell your work.

2 simple steps –

  1. Don’t publish your media or image anywhere – don’t even share it with friends cos they might publish it before you…
    email us at and we will let you know as soon as possible if we are able to do anything with your content.
  2. You MUST OWN and be able to prove that you own the media by sending the original image or recording if you have altered it or cut in any way.

We will usually give you a decision within half an hour and will let you know exactly how much the media is worth at sale which we will split with you 50 / 50.

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