Blackpool Unlimited

Hello and Welcome – I’m Will and I’m the Editor of the BPL Bible, Blackpool’s local online community news and media outlet.


After speaking with Kriss at Blackpool Unlimited I realised there’s a NEED in the market for what I’ve been doing – with a team of local volunteers – for the past 8 years…

We spread the good word about Blackpool – to visitors and locals alike!

We’ve been spreading the good word about Blackpool – online – for the last 8 years – We’re a free to read news and media outlet for Blackpool and the Fylde Coast.

We’ve got over 100K followers in our groups and following our online pages.

We publish a lot of our content directly to Facebook and some months we reach in excess of 8 million news feeds… Our best month was over 30 million…

In the graphic below (statistics from Facebook’s old insights tool) you can see at the top this covers a 28 day period and it is from March last year.

  • Post reach means how many people our combined posts (content) reached on Facebook.
  • Post engagement is how many people interacted or responded to those posts.
  • The videos figure represents how many people clicked play on our Facebook video content.
  • You’ll notice none of this is paid for it’s all organic reach.

I Love BPL…

I currently live in Blackpool and I work in Blackpool’s night time economy on the admissions desk of a popular night time venue on Queen Street.

I was born in Blackpool Vic, My children both attend school in the area, I’ve loved Blackpool for as long as I can remember. My uncle’s company used to install electrics at the tower and my Aunt would always take me along to give the lads their lunches – meaning I’d get to sneak into different venues and see behind the scenes. My mum worked in a jewellers on Church St.. One of my earliest memories is of eating prawn mayo sandwiches from M&S watching the pigeons on Victoria Street scrabble for my crumbs. I’ve been around the town all my life

I started out on the streets of Blackpool speaking to random strangers about events going on at a nightclub I was working at and it’s progressed eventually to all this. I wanted to reach more people and in their homes because the streets were really empty and I literally had no-one to promote to. The only way I’d be able to reach them with my messages was on their phones and computers…

Picture of BassHunter and I from the time I was working promo and managing the VIP bar at Domain Circa 2015.

I’m now a freelance press photographer working for the UK largest newspaper company AND I also own my own news & media outlets (yes multiple) based in Blackpool and surrounding areas.

Very much part of the local community hopefully proving myself to be a valued asset.

Now I want to help YOU with some free publicity.

When you’re starting up a business – Money is usually tight and new businesses need to get the word out about what they are doing quickly and as widespread as possible.

I’m offering you some free publicity just for making the connection and saying hello to me.

We can start off with a text message so I know who I’m talking to:

  • Please – text or what’s app me with your name and your business name – what you do and where you are based.
    (Hi will it’s karen/dave from xyz company in the town centre – just read your ‘unlimited’ webpage and thought I’d reach out and make contact – something like that)
  • The number you need to text is 07562 269 826.
    (This is my personal number so please do call if you want to chat about what’s on offer but remember to send me a text first so I know who you are)

Once we’ve made initial contact I’ll schedule a time outside of normal office hours to talk to you about your business. I’m going to talk you through a basic press release / business communication.

The call could be 20 mins to an hour long. Whilst on the call I’ll quiz you for info about you and about what you do in business as well. It all helps to form part of your story and people WANT TO KNOW about You and Your story.

I’ll speak to you about images, website and social media links and everything else you might have or need to get you started in business.

If you’re all set up and just need a push – that’s great we can work from there – but if you’ve not even thought about a logo or domain name or email address – we can also help you set all that up and we will speak to you sensibly about how much it’s going to cost and if you really need all that yet.

At the start of your journey in business – You don’t want to be taking on more than you can handle and you’ll be busy doing what YOU do best – that’s why you set up in business to do it.

Let us spread the good word about Your business – cos that’s what we’re good at.

Other services going forward

We’ve also got publicity, promo and advertising packages that start from as little as £5… You can check out details about that on BPL APP (Advertising Publicity and Promotions) or email

We’re also making more services available through our Digital Consultancy called The Blackpool Content Co Who can help with:

  • Marketing consultancy,
  • Domains,
  • Hosting,
  • Email services,
  • Websites,
  • Video production,
  • Graphic design,
  • Photography,
  • Drone work
  • Much more

We have found – usually – the easiest and cheapest way to do – whatever it is you want to do – already…

Drop me a text and I’ll tell you all about it in our upcoming phone call!

The number you need to text is 07562 269 826

Good luck in whatever your venture is.

I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Kind regards,

Will Ritchie

(If you still want to read more – click here and I’ll elaborate)