Floating like a balloon over the beach

Today we bring you a beautiful video clip filmed from the perspective of a balloon floating away from the shore at Cocker street, close to

A little glimmer of beauty in a somewhat troubling time.

Not much to report in this post - just an absolutely stunning image by In Awe Digital Media. - Because - well... wow... Visit their

Fire and rescue practice on big wheel

Rescue teams from Lancashire fire and rescue have been taking the opportunity today to conduct some high access training. Following the retrieval of a man's

Fatboy Slim Rocks Blackpool THIS Saturday

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for and it’s finally HERE  THIS WEEKEND!! Blackpool Rocks – The Return Thanks to the global pandemic, Blackpool Rocks has been rescheduled frustratingly more times than its organisers would have liked, but it’s FINALLY going ahead this time! With an absolute storming line up Continue Reading

Facebook outage reported

A facebook outage is being reported by many users on the website down detector. It’s not yet clear why the website is experiencing issues but instagram – messenger also seem to be affected. This is an ideal time for us to tell you about our subscriber list. All ou need Continue Reading