Chris Webb declares his bid to become Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate in Blackpool South

Earlier this week the BPL Bible received this press release from Chris Webb regarding his upcoming bid to stand for Blackpool South in the next local elections.

Chris Webb, former Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire and Chair of Trustees for Counselling In The Community, has declared his intention to stand to become Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in Blackpool South.

Chris, the son of a local postal worker and teaching assistant was born in Blackpool in 1986 and currently lives in the town off Whitegate Drive with his family.

Chris Webb Campaigning in Blackpool 2023

Chris is Chair of Trustees for Mental Health Charity, Counselling In The Community, a volunteer and fundraiser for Blackpool Food Bank, a Trustee for Blackpool Homeless Charity United Blackpool and a Trustee for children’s charity CWU Humanitarian Aid, which supports homeless children and families in Blackpool fleeing domestic violence.

Chris was recognised by the Local Community Hero Award I received for my work during the pandemic and for raising over £14,000 to ensure no child when hungry when Scott Benton MP voted against free school meals.

Chris launched his campaign on Saturday in South Shore with over 50 members attending. Guest speakers at the launch included Blackpool Councillor Jane Hugo, Ian Byrne MP (Overall MP of the year 2021) and Gordon Marsden, the former Blackpool South MP for 22 years.

Ian Byrne MP Speaking about Chris Webb

He has the support of Unite the Union, Unison, GMB and CWU, alongside wide breadth support from Blackpool Labour Councillors and members.  

Chris Webb, said:

“I’m a proud Sandgrown’un and proud to call Blackpool my home.

“Starting out as a Blackpool Gazette paperboy 12 years old, I have worked across Blackpool’s hospitality, public and charity sectors for over two decades.

“As a leading voice in Blackpool’s charity sector and working as a front-line public sector worker, I have a real track record of fighting for our communities to support the most vulnerable in society.

“In the last 13 years, we’ve seen heart-breaking decline under the Tories. Life has become tougher for most in our town struggling to make ends meet.     

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“For too long, our local economy, public services and communities have suffered from the sticking plaster, short-term mindset of funding and support, with £1.6 billion taken from Blackpool these past 13 years.

“We need a credible, long-term growth plan to support prosperity in our town, designed by us. I know how communities across Blackpool come together and make things happen. With real power for local leaders and stakeholders who know what’s best for our town to shape our own future. Putting locals first. And that’s why I’m standing.

“Demanding in Parliament that Blackpool has control and gets the tools for its people to control their destinies and their families.

“I’m ready to use the relationships I have built over two decades alongside my extensive work experience in Blackpool to provide grass root solutions and deliver real change for my home town.”

Gordon Marsden, former Blackpool South MP, said:

Gordon Marsden The Previous Labour MP for Blackpool South

Chris shares my belief it’s a privilege to serve the people of Blackpool South – who elected me as their MP six times for 22 years.

Chris has the deep roots, experience and local knowledge that the town desperately needs now, which is why I’m supporting his campaign to be Blackpool South’s next MP.

I’ve known Chris for over 20 years. He’s grown into a formidable organiser, champion and campaigner across the town – with a record of working tirelessly for a range of charities, disadvantaged groups and the third sector across Blackpool.

He puts in real physical as well as mental effort – with his week-by-week foodbank deliveries and charity work and challenges – such as raising money for the Royal British Legion in the London Marathon last year.

His work as Lancashire’s Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner – going out on the beat with the police, reaching out to vulnerable groups and combatting anti-social behaviour – was transformational, giving him a deep understanding of how to lead and bring together communities in Blackpool.

Chris has been relentlessly calling for support for working people and the vulnerable in the town. He has brought to light the scandals of Government cuts to funding for Blackpool residents and its failure to address the crises in the NHS, ambulance service and social care, energy and cost of living, hitting so many families, small businesses, and older and isolated people. Personally, taking practical initiatives to help homeless children and victims of domestic violence and those needing free school meals.

Chris’s record shows that he has all the right qualities to offer hope and change for the people of Blackpool South – and that’s why I am supporting his bid to be their next MP.

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