Coastguard Helicopter Spotted above the Fylde

From around 3:30pm today – multiple sets of sirens could be heard around the Layton area.

One of our team members spotted some activity by Lawsons road field – mainly Coastguard and an ambulance around 4pm.


Shortly afterwards it was clear that a temporary landing zone was being set up for the Coastguard Helicopter and flight tracking App radarbox showed a large helicopter with a BLOCKED callisign flying north to south down the Fylde Coast.

A higher view of the area revealed that the helicopter had left from Caernarfon and had headed over to the lake district where it hovered or paused for a while before taking flight again straight to the landing site at lawsons road field.

It’s likely that the helicopter was assisting with a medical emergency in the lakes and transferring a patient to an ambulance for treatment at Blackpool Vic.

We will update this if more info becomes available. Check back later or look at some of our other articles from this week.

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