About the Bpl Bible

So you want to know more About the BPL Bible ?

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Since 2015 – we’ve been spreading the good word about Blackpool. (For Free)

Simply put –

  • The BPL Bible is Blackpool’s Local Online Community.
  • A good news brand.
  • An independent alternative news and media platform for the local area.
  • A digital periodical if you like.

You’ll find we mainly publish on our Facebook page and in our local groups because we’re just local volunteers and that’s been easiest for us to fit into our lives. But we have always intended on bringing you more local news through our website.

We like to collaborate with locals and their businesses to bring you good news, features and some great deals from Blackpool and the Fylde Coast.

We also collaborate on other social media pages with a similar remit all with the intention of promoting the name of Blackpool on social media whenever possible – in order to make the place look good to potential visitors. Our bread and butter in this town is tourism – and The BPL Bible and it’s partner brands all work to support that industry as well as the local community.

We know that not all news is good news so Our team publish more serious news content through our outlet Blackpool News.

Our local independent news and media platform is more than just a source of reliable hyperlocal news, it’s an essential line of defence against mis-information, corruption, oppression and tyranny in our local democracy.

We’ve gained a serious following – but can we turn that into a serious business?

Get Involved

Local news relies on local intelligence. And that’s YOU. You’re an essential node in the modern digital news machine. We’ve all got a part to play – as the saying goes – if you see something – say something.

If you spot breaking news or a traffic problem – email us pictures with a description of the scenario and the area to newsdesk@thebplbible.co.uk or inbox us on social media.

You can also text call or message using what’s app to 07562 269 826

Save us in your phone as BPL BIBLE NEWS


Join our Blackpool Community Chat Group and start a conversation. The Blackpool Community Chat Brand also has a corresponding Facebook Page and Website.

From time to time our partner company BPL APP allow Local advertisers to register to post in the group twice a week by clicking HERE

If you’d like to discuss getting involved in some other way – inbox us at info@theBPLbible.co.uk or call us on 07562 269 826

What’s the deal

At present this entire enterprise is staffed by volunteers who want to paint a better picture of Blackpool.

It’s not all doom and gloom, there are many gems hidden among the sands.

But no local business can get going without cash. And that’s where you can help.

If you like what we do and you’d like to help get us going properly you can help by sending us £1 a year.

If all our online followers and group members across all our pages paid just £1 per year – we would have enough money to fund a proper news room and team to serve the local community diligently.

We’re called the Bible because we’re the modern day “good book” for Blackpool. We want to spread the word far and wide that Blackpool is GREAT. Along the way we identify areas that need improvement and help to make those things come to fruition.

What We’re Doing

We aim to bring the best and most current information on local affairs, events and entertainment along with some great featured local businesses and restaurants. We need your help to scoop the best stories.

If you want us to spread the good word about something – text or call us on 07562 269 826 or email us at info@thebplbible.co.uk we’re happy to help.

A community only works if people get involved so you are encouraged to send us your input, details about your public events, photos of Blackpool or in general just stuff to do with Blackpool you can email them to add to one of our galleries or we can share them with our online followers. We will credit all photographs and for a small fee we can add a business card if you’re in that line of work.

Taken by the Editor

Local Businesses

If you’re a local business and would like to help the BPL Bible, you can sponsor a page in exchange for a small fee to help us with hosting fees. Alternatively we can come to your place of business, write a featured article and then promote that across our entire social media network including pictures that you can use on your own social media.

We occasionally run competitions for our readers but we don’t advertise these on our main site. We have a Facebook group dedicated to competitions. Our email subscribers are also notified of our competitions each time we publish a new one. You can sign up on every page of our website but you only need to do it once! We send you an email – you confirm it and then that’s it!

We love hearing success stories from around the Fylde coast – so if someone you know has done something worth shouting about or is working toward a good cause – drop us a line and we’ll publish your community articles for free!!

In 2021 I went to speak to Kriss at Blackpool Unlimited – as a result I created this page to introduce myself to local business people and explain to them how I could help someone starting out in the local area.  Click HERE to read more.