Heritage – World Healing Centre

World Healing Centre

The World Healing Crusade Centre is an Edwardian building that was built in 1911.  It was initially used as a private home but in the 1950s, it was acquired as a venue for the World Healing Centre.

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The building itself is quite stunning and doesn’t seem to fit in with the urban style of Blackpool today.  It’s part of the town’s heritage and so it is often included as part of the Heritage Open Days in Blackpool.

World Healing Centre Interior
The Interior of the World Healing Crusade Centre

The Centre is now a place of worship and healing for those who attend the venue.  Supported by donations, the organisation has thrived since the 1950s, accepting many followers through its doors.

World Healing Centre
The World Healing Crusade Centre, Blackpool

Founded by Mandus Nyquist in 1952, the World Healing Centre is a registered charity which reaches out to communities across the world, providing universal teachings of Jesus.  This heritage venue is a place of prayer that aims to support individuals, communities and humanity as a whole.  It is also very thankful for the gift of the animal kingdom and so there is also a great emphasis on animal welfare as well as healing for humankind.