The Return of the Blackpool World Fireworks Championships

Saturday night saw the return of the Blackpool World Firework Championships where an entrant from Russia displayed their choreographed pyro show to a packed promenade with tens of thousands of spectators.



The event was held on Saturday night and will continue fortnightly for 4 shows. The next show is on the 25th of September where the entry will be from Germany.

In previous years the fireworks were launched from the North pier – but now the show is set on the beach and spectators can access north pier for an admission fee – in order to watch the show from there.

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The tower festival headland is where the main action was centred and 8 log cabin effect sheds have been installed for pop up traders to sell their goods from.

Once the sun had set and the crowds filled even more at the last minute – the show had a false start due to technical difficulties but 5 mins later and few more thousand people too – the show began. (which was probably a good thing considering the traffic issue that people were experiencing due to the sheer volume of people in attendance.




The Russian entry didn’t fail to impress. Starting out somewhat subdued and slow but it wasn’t easy to hear the music to find out what was going on. The fireworks did the job for the crowds and we’ve got the whole show on our youtube channel for you – or scroll down for a selection of shots from the night!

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