Keeping busy throughout February

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We’ve made it through January pretty much unscathed – We’ve jumped into the abyss that is brexit and we’ve not had massive issues at the border etc..

We’ve made it right? Well… It’s that time of year to start getting the home and garden ready for another glorious summer.

Although we do still have the chance of a few frosts and certainly some storms – this is the best time to start your DIY or Gardening project at home so it’s ready in time for summer.

Nest Boxes

A great activity that you can involve the kids in too is siting a new nesting box for small birds in your garden. The RSPB has plans on how to build a box using off cuts of wood – but you can usually pick one up for about a fiver from homeware shops.

Make sure that you site your box out of the prevailing wind and strong sunlight. It should be about 1-3m above the ground, ideally on a tree trunk, but a wall or shed is fine, too.  Look for somewhere that is hard for cats or squirrels to reach and be sure to position it away from bird tables and feeders, as they’re busy areas.

Check your home safety equipment

It’s a great tie to check over your home safety equipment. Whether that be smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, Fire extinguishers and blankets etc – there’s no excuse for not ensuring the equipment that is there to save your life – is not in tip top condition. If you have elderly relatives we suggest you extend the same courtesy to them.

Clean out the oven

You’ve probably given your oven a hammering over the Christmas period and into jan that excess use can become burned in fairly quickly if not cleand well. It might take you half a day to really get your oven back on top form but it will mean your cooking conditions are the best they can be for the next few months.

Have a good sweep round

You will be surprised just how much sand, silt, soil and other things beginning with S accumulate on your property over the winter months. It’s a good idea to keep your paved areas swept in order to prevent staining and moss or algae formation.

Gutters, Fascias and soffits

Now is a great time to get your Gutters, fascia boards and soffits cleaned out. They are often overlooked as they are largely difficult to access in most cases. It might be necessary to get a specialist maintenance company in to help with hard to reach jobs and especially if you’re helping out an elderly relative etc.

Blackpool Maintenance and Handyman services


If you’re lucky enough to have a house with a garden – now is the ideal time to pic out any new growth that has appeared in your borders. There will be a few snowdrops and crocuses ready to pop or already showing through and you should leave those be for now – but you will notice that there are lots of new green shoots appearing – these are your harder weeds which will use this time to make a foot hold in your garden before bolting in the next few months if not kept in check.

It’s also a great time to redefine the edge of your lawn. Using a simple ending knife to trim off any excess mud or root growth will ensure that your lawn looks crisp and sharp all year round.

Now is also the perfect time to get your garlic in the ground. If you’re a fan of fresh veg and herbs – then planting your garlic bulbs should be on your list of jobs to do before the end of Feb.

You should also take advantage of the growing cycle of your ornamental grasses and take the opportunity to trim them now before they start to wake up again for their growing season.

Help around the home

If you need help with any aspect of building or maintenance – we recommend you give This Months’ home and lifestyle sponsor a call for a no hassle no obligation quote. From a quick tidy up – to a new extension – Blackpool Maintenance and Handyman services have you covered.

Blackpool Maintenance and Handyman services