New lockdown guidance issued to police.

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The message is clear – Stay home – Protect the NHS – Save lives.

But what is considered reasonable?

Can I go for a walk in the country or in a local park? Can I stop to have some dinner if it’s a long walk or have a rest if i’m not as fit as i thought I was???

The CPS has issued new guidance to police officers which was made available by the NPCC. The guidance seeks to clarify for officers what might likely be treated as a reasonable activity but it also helps to give us a clearer picture of what police will be using as their guide when making decisions.. We must point out that in each case an officers discretion will be used.

Regulation 6 of the The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 states no person may leave the place where they live without a reasonable excuse.

Fact. This is to save lives in the long run. There is no doubt in my mind that this virus is a real danger to us all – I’ve had family members stricken with it and recovered – another who is critical in a hospital and an unexplained death recently which may be attributed to the virus regardless of the cause of death.. I’m taking this extremely seriously as should you too.

A paramedic in full PPE attending an address with police today on Crystal Road.

Community policing is the key and after speaking today with both Councillor Gerard Walsh and Deputy Police and Crime commissioner Chris Webb – they both agreed that this is a time for unity – building communities and for old fashioned community policing to come to the fore.

I know both these gents personally and didn’t ask them for quotes or statements – I merely had the opportunity to interact with them both whilst they were volunteering in a private capacity as volunteer drivers for Amazing Graze. If i didn’t know them personally – I would have just assumed they were anyone else… They really didn’t make a song and dance about it.

In total the Charity and now food bank delivered 270 meals and food parcels to local vulnerable people spread across the entire town using 40 volunteer drivers who came from all walks of life and circumstances. Business owners – taxi drivers, carers and a good friend of mine Rod who really appreciated the time out and was glad he was doing something to help.

Out and about.

Over the past week I have observed the movements of Lancashire police and can honestly say that I’ve seen a strong presence in the community and along the promenade. I have seen more what looks like officers checking on people that they are ok and are observing the social distancing rules but I’ve see no fines issued personally – more what appears to be a polite conversation and then the officer moves on to the next person.

This is a noticeable change in policing style from the weeks previously – however there do now seem to be more and more people brave enough to venture out into public despite the pleas of the government to stay indoors. It has been confusing for people and police alike – and this new guidance will help us all to comply with the new legislation applied during this crisis.

An officer regularly patrols the promenade.

About the New Guidance

A Spokesperson for the CPS said: “Some public statements made soon after the adoption of the Regulations suggested that members of the public could only leave their homes if ‘essential’ to do so.

“However, this is not the test set out in the Regulations and there is no legal basis for a requirement in those terms to be imposed.

“The applicable threshold is that of ‘reasonable excuse’.”

This list is not exhaustive and officers are required to use their discretion and judgement in deciding what is and what isn’t ‘reasonable’ in the circumstances.

This is also not our opinion or interpretation – it’s literally the copied text from the police guidance.

Police attending an unknown incident on Central Drive


Allowed (Likely reasonable)​

– Buying several days’ worth of food, including luxury items and alcohol.

– Buying a small amount of a staple item or necessity (e.g. a newspaper, pet food, a loaf of bread or pint of milk).

– Collecting surplus basic food items from a friend.

– Collecting surplus basic food items from a friend.

Not allowed (Not likely reasonable)

– Buying paint and brushes, simply to redecorate a kitchen.


There is no need for all a person’s shopping to be basic food supplies; the purchase of snacks and luxuries is still permitted.

In general terms, a person has a reasonable excuse to visit the shops which remain open to customers under the Regulations.

If a person is already out of the address with good reason, then it would not be proportionate to prevent the person from buying nonessential items.

Food could include hot food from takeaways.

‘Obtain’ includes purchasing, but could include collecting or sharing items, provided this is genuine.

Regarding DIY – The regulations specify maintenance and upkeep. This does not extend to renovation and improvements.

Promenade – verb – take a leisurely public walk, ride, or drive so as to meet or be seen by others.



– Including: going for a run or cycle or practicing yoga. Walking in the countryside or in cities. Attending an allotment.

– Driving to countryside and walking (where far more time is spent walking than driving).

– Stopping to rest or to eat lunch while on a long walk.

– Exercising more than once per day – the only relevant consideration is whether repeated exercise on the same day can be considered a ‘reasonable excuse’ for leaving home.

Not allowed

– Driving for a prolonged period with only brief exercise.

– A short walk to a park bench, when the person remains seated for a much longer period.


Exercise can come in many forms, including walks.

Exercise must involve some movement, but it is acceptable for a person to stop for a break in exercise.

However, a very short period of ‘exercise’ to excuse a long period of inactivity may mean that the person is not engaged in ‘exercise’ but in fact something else.

It is lawful to drive for exercise.

A tree surgeon removing a tree overhanging the roadway.



– A key worker or other essential worker travelling to work where it is not reasonably possible to work from home.

– A non-key worker or non-essential key worker travelling to work where it is not reasonably possible to work from home.

– A person delivering food packages to vulnerable people.

Not allowed

– A person who can work from home choosing to work in a local park.

– A person knocking on doors offering to do cash-in-hand work.


There is no requirement to be a key worker or essential worker in order to travel to work.

Anyone can travel to work if it is not reasonably possible to work from home.

A request from an employer to attend the work place should be sufficient.

But there is no requirement for the person to have any written proof of a need to go to work or volunteering.

Police should not ask for ID documents or any other kind of document.

There is no requirement for volunteers to work for a registered organisation or charity.

There is no requirement for the volunteering to be related to COVID-19.

Volunteers at Amazing Graze ready to deliver food to the Vulnerable in our community.


Likely reasonable​

– Taking an animal for treatment.

– Moving to a friend’s address for several days to allow a ‘cooling-off’ following arguments at home.

It’s reasonable to assume this person is being helped to a new address by a friend. The angle and focal length of this image make them appear closer than they were.

– Providing support to vulnerable people.

Not allowed

– Visiting a vet’s surgery in person to renew a prescription (where this could be done over the phone).

– Visiting a friend in their address or meeting in public to socialise.


Vet’s surgeries remain open and so taking an animal for emergency treatment would qualify as a good reason (as the owner has a duty to preserve welfare). But visiting a vet’s surgery where a call would suffice would not be reasonable.

The Regulations allow people to move house. This means that individuals can move between households. But this should be a genuine move (i.e. measured in days, not hours).

Social visits are not generally a good reason to leave home. However, there may be exceptional circumstances for a person to visit another (eg, a hospital authorising a particular person to visit).

I just had to pull over to capture this on my way to the next story. The street was empty.


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