Coronavirus Hope as Britain’s Oldest Survivor Leaves Hospital

Although this isn’t about a person from Blackpool, we thought it was a story worth sharing.  At a time where we’re all concerned for each other and especially our loved ones who have been identified as being at a higher risk if they contract Coronavirus, these stories shed some positivity on what is an unbearable situation.

106 year old Connie Titchen from Birmingham was applauded by staff who lined the corridors of the hospital to bid her farewell as she was discharged on Tuesday after successfully recovering from Coronavirus.

Connie is a grandmother of 5 and has 8 great-grandchildren who was initially admitted to hopital on Mother’s Day suffering from suspected pneumonia.  She tested positive for coronavirus shortly after she arrived at the hospital.  She suffered with symptoms for 3 weeks in hospital before she was given a clean bill of health from hospital staff at Birmingham’s City Hospital.

Connie said “I feel very lucky that I’ve fought off this virus” explaining that she couldn’t wait to see her family.  With lock down being extended for a further 3 weeks, this is unlikely to be any time in the near future, but at least Connie’s recovery gives them a chance to reunite when social distancing measures have been relaxed.

Connie’s granddaughter Alex Jones said “She has had a really active life. She loved to dance, cycle and play golf.

“She has always cooked for herself too, although she likes a cheeky McDonald’s every now and then. I haven’t told her they are closed.

“I think the secret of her old age is that she is physically active and very independent.

“She had a hip operation back in December and within 30 days she was walking again.”

Connie’s story is one of many positive outcomes for the Covid-19 strain of the coronavirus, which has so far claimed thousands of lives across the UK.  Although there are many heartbreaking outcomes, Connie’s amazing recovery after just 3 weeks in hospital gives hope to thousands throughout the UK that patients can and do recover from this virus.