Don’t Miss This Meteor Shower This Week!

Whether you need a lockdown date night idea, something fun to watch with the kids or simply enjoy cool and unusual cosmic phenomenons, tonight’s Lyrid Meteor Shower is one you won’t want to miss.

With perfect weather forecast for today across Blackpool and the Fylde Coast, you should be able to have clear views of the night sky this evening.

Catch the Lyrid Meteor Shower This Sunday to Wednesday

Although the meteor shower will be kicking off tonight (Sunday), it is likely to continue until Wednesday, so if you don’t catch it tonight, you’ve still got a couple of nights left to watch the show.

This meteor shower is called the Lyrid Meteor Shower and it happens annually.  It consists of debris from a comet known as Thatcher.  As the debris from the comet reaches the earth’s atmosphere, it burns and this is how we get to witness the meteor shower.

You’ll have to be a night owl to catch this meteor shower at it’s finest however.  Between midnight and dawn is the best time to see the display, with the clearest skies obviously giving the best display.  If you live in an area where there is low light pollution, you should get a better view than a more urban area however, we insist that you don’t go out travelling for this.  You should still be able to see the meteor shower from your own garden.  With fewer aircraft in the skies, the views are even clearer right now too.  Bonus!

The shower will be viewable in the east, so make sure that you look to the east to be sure to catch a glimpse of the meteors.

Whilst it’s not possible to say how many meteors you will see during the shower, there have been outbursts of around 100 visible meteors per hour during previous showers however this is rare.  You may need to be patient to see the meteors.  Grab a blanket and chill out under the stars 🙂

A perfect lockdown evening!


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