This is the place to find help – or to register to help in Blackpool

No point us repeating Blackpool councils guidance – you can find it all HERE


The Council are now urging people to email


The Council are now urging people to email

Fundraising to help OAPs

Shops / Grocery Services still doing delivery in the local area?


Local tradespeople and services still operating in the local area?


Take Away and Hot Food Delivery still operating in the local area?


Email Updates

If you want to register for updates from our website about anything we are doing in the coming days and weeks –

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Wash the Covid Warriors – Cleaning our NHS Heroes

Our old school friend Luke is heading up the Team at Blackpool Vic’s covid-19 unit / ICU. Since the virus – the staff have been required to scrub down and shower thoroughly after each shift.

If you would like to offer some soap / shampoo / conditioner / shower gel / talc / moisturiser / sharpies / deodorant etc in order to help our staff save carrying extra kit to work each day – we can help facilitate your pledges and donations.

We are offering one collection round per week in order to minimise risk on the roads. Please email if you would like us to collect from you on our next round – or inbox us on facebook.

Unfortunately they cannot accept any PPE or other medical supplies as all must come through the NHS supply chain – but thanks for the offers so far!!

Feeding the community

We recognise there will be a need to provide an emergency “meals on wheels” type service to some locals who might be in isolation and can’t feed themselves or their kids, older people who need assistance but don’t have regular carers or family nearby, independent elderly who become ill but not serious enough for hospital.

There are many other people who would need feeding too if it came to it.

There is a kitchen facility at Amazing Graze and they have funding to buy food to start us off with but donations will be required to continue a service like this.
Premiere taxis (401000) have asked drivers if they would volunteer to deliver meals and 10 have so far stepped forward.

Amazing Graze are looking for Food donations from the local community and also monetary donations in order to keep their registered charity running.

If you require a food delivery for someone vulnerable or in isolation with limited help you can inbox Amazing Graze directly or visit their website.

Blackpool Care and Share

If you are struggling for bedding homeware or items for the kitchen – Lynda at Blackpool Care and Share can offer limited help to Blackpool Residents.

For more information or to donate items for re-use – please visit her FACEBOOK PAGE

Helping with transport

We will need drivers over the coming weeks and months – we are trying to build a fuel budget to cover costs but we need drivers with ordinarily reliable cars who can help ferry items or people about. If yo’re up for it – please register with Amazing Graze


We will need PPE for anyone who wants to volunteer.  if you know anywhere that can provide basic PPE and masks for volunteers – please contact Amazing Graze

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You can help to support our local media outlet during these difficult times by pledging £12 per year for a voluntary subscription. We would especially appreciate if local business owners would get behind this too in order to help us build our FREE local news & media business. – See link in the footer for more details

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