Tom Petty Found Unresponsive, Rushed To Hospital

Tom petty (Reuters)

At the BPL Bible, we’re devastated to hear that iconic rocker Tom Petty was found unconscious at home on Sunday and that it is reported that life support was turned off not long after he arrived at hospital and the musician passed away.

Tom Petty, aged 66 years old, was found in his California home after suffering a suspected heart attack. He was not breathing and so he was rushed to hospital where, according to TMZ, it was decided that they would pull life support.

The singer was famous for some great hits, including Free Fallin’, covered in recent years by John Mayer.  He achieved success during the 1970s along with his backing band The Heartbreakers.  Just last week, the star played three shows at the Hollywood Bowl that were all sell out gigs.

He had been spending this year touring in what he told fans would be his “last big one” in an interview with Rollling Stone Magazine.

Describing his life on the road whilst touring and planning on making further redorgins, Tom Petty told Rolling stone “It’s still a wild place”.