Winter Gardens Calls Time On Illuminasia

Illuminasia has been part of Blackpool’s arsenal of family attractions since 2014, but in just a few short weeks, it will close for good.

Since it was opened in 2014, Illuminasia has seen around 100,000 visitors a year pass through its doors, but time has now run out for the fixed term attraction, which will cease to operate on Sunday October 29th. The attraction showcases ancient Chinese traditions and modernises them by turning them into stunning illuminated sculptures.  It’s a walk through exhibit that’s suitable for the whole family.

The attraction was brought to the Winter Gardens to make use of the space that it currently occupies. Prior to the illuminated exhibit, the Olympia room was only used a few days a year. Rather than wasting the space that was available, Illuminasia created a year round attraction that could bring in more funds for the Winter Gardens.

Each year, the attraction was modified and improved, with 2017 seeing new illuminations including dinosaurs and 3D objects.

Winter Garden bosses decided not to renew the contract on Illuminasia, as they believe that it has run its course. The attraction will be demolished to allow the venue to create a comfortable conference space and after this, the directors will be on the lookout for another interesting attraction for the building.

Olympia won’t be wasted however, as the space will be used for music festivals such as Rebellion whilst building work is carried out in other areas of the Winter Gardens. When the conference suite is opened, a more permanent attraction will be chosen to replace Illuminasia.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out this attraction, or if you’d like to visit again before it closes for good, it costs just £5 per person on the door.