Royal Mail Hero praised for saving 103-year-old lady.

Our local Royal Mail Hero is A 30+ year old postal worker from Thornton – Cleveleys. He was delivering letters on his normal round, when he discovered a lady who had fallen in her porch. Thanks to his quick thinking – he was able to provide on the spot care, helping the lady to rest in her bed. The lady didn’t want a fuss and asked for her first response carer who came quickly and agreed that an ambulance should be called for; essentially saving the life of this 103-year-old Fylde coast resident.

A note of thanks accompanied a card that was left for the Postman at his delivery office in Fleetwood.

Overwhelming response

Our Hero Postman has been overwhelmed at comments on his wife’s social media post so far. The family man – who is our hero of the week – wishes to remain anonymous although we think he deserves the praise publicly. The BPL bible picked up on this story and with the consent of the family – agreed to publish this article on their behalf as they do not wish any further publicity.

They did however agree to allow us to show you the card that was received with names obscured for obvious reasons.

Royal Mail Hero s card of thanks
This is the card that was left for our postie

This letter accompanied the card that was sent to our Royal Mail Hero.

Royal Mail Hero
This note of thanks accompanied the card also.

If you have found yourself from time to time cursing at the Postie for being late – just consider that the mail workers may be the only human contact for some local elderly folk on a daily basis. Maybe they’ve stopped for a little chat to brighten up Mrs. Smith’s day – or maybe as in this case – they are providing life saving assistance… All in a day’s work for a Postie.

Shout from the rooftops

If you would like to commend this postal worker in your own words – The family are known to the BPL Bible and will be reading through the comments section on this page. You also have the option to share your words to your friends along with the article by just checking one little box.

Let’s give this unsung hero the praise he rightly deserves!!

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