6 Great Things to do for FREE in Blackpool

Whether you’re a local family, or if you’re visiting Blackpool for a few days, enjoying a day out in the resort doesn’t need to cost you a fortune.  We’ve written up a round up of some of the best things that you could do for free if you’re strapped for cash but want to get out of the house or hotel on a lovely sunny day.  We’ve also included a little information about where you could grab a cheap bite to eat along the way!


The Beach

Of course, Blackpool wouldn’t be Blackpool without the beach!  Lucky for us, we have a nice firm beach that’s suitable for taking prams and pushchairs on without getting stuck in the sand.  That’s great if you have smaller kids with you!

You’ll not be bored when you’re on the beach either.  Make sure you bring your bucket and spade because you’ll be able to make some awesome sandcastles or leave a message for other beach-goers (just try not to be too rude!).

If you have some change in your pocket, you’ll find plenty of reasonably priced vendors all along the promenade selling a range of refreshments from ice creams to hot dogs, or why not take the kids along to the donkeys where they can enjoy a ride for a reasonable cost.

Blackpool Beach Low tide
Blackpool Beach at Low Tide


When you’re in Blackpool, you may want to take a look inside the various arcades that can be found along the promenade.  Offering free entry, these venues are a great place to just take a wander around, and if you have any spare change, just pop it in one of the slot machines and cross your fingers!  You may win a cuddly toy or the jackpot prize.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is a lovely place to go if you’re in the area with your family.  This local park is located a short distance from the town centre and is a place where you can go to relax or play games with the kids.

There is a playground area for children, which is well equipped with well-maintained apparatus.  You’ll also find tennis courts and playing fields where you can either hire equipment or take your own sports gear if you have it.  You can even play crazy golf near the ice cream hut,

If it is a hot day and you have some spare change, you might want to pop along to the coffee shop where you’ll find an assortment of beverages and snacks or you could get the kids an ice lolly if the ice cream kiosk is open.

The lake itself is home to many birds and you’ll see that there is a fenced off area, which is designated for the protection of the local wildlife.  If you wish, you can purchase a permit for fishing in the lake but you will need to make sure that you stick to the rules.

For something really fun, you could hire a boat on the lake  With a range of boat types, you could choose a powered boat, pedal boat or traditional rowing boat.  It all depends on how energetic you’re feeling.  Prices are reasonable and it’s a fun way to spend a couple of hours on a sunny afternoon.

Stanley Park Italian Gardens
The Italian Gardens in Blackpool’s Stanley Park

Penny Farm

Penny Farm Blackpool
Penny Farm Blackpool

If you’re able to travel locally, you should pay a visit to Penny Farm.  This is a great choice for the kids, especially if they’re fans of horses!

Home to around 65 horses, this is a volunteer – run farm where the staff will be happy to show you around.

You can walk the various trails around the farm if you wish, or if the weather’s bad, the horses live in the stables that are indoors, so you won’t need to worry about getting drenched in the rain.

If you’re feeling peckish after exploring the farm, there is a coffee shop on the premises selling reasonably priced refreshments.  If you’ve not got any spare change on you, at least the farm itself offers free admission!

Blackpool Needs YOU

The 3 Piers

Just as famous as Blackpool’s beaches are the 3 piers which you really should visit, especially if you’re on your holiday in the town.

The North Pier is the easiest pier to access from the town centre and is only a short walk away from Blackpool Tower itself.  This pier is reasonably quiet and is great for taking a summer’s stroll and enjoying a drink at the end of the pier.

Central Pier isn’t quite “central” per se, but it is in the middle of the 3 piers and therefore it is the centrally placed pier.  This one features a show bar at the end along with the Big wheel and a range of fairground style rides.  It’s not far to walk from North Pier.

If you’re anywhere near the Pleasure Beach, you should take a look at South Pier.  To the front of this pier is the Sandcastle waterpark and The Grosvenor Casino.  With a reverse bungee ride and array of rides of various intensity, this is a fun pier to spend the afternoon exploring.  If you want to travel from Central Pier to South Pier, you should consider taking the tram as it’s quite a distance to walk, especially with smaller kids.  If you’re up for the exercise though, the promenade offers a safe and convenient walking route where you can enjoy the fresh air and see the various other sites of Blackpool along the way.


Central Pier

Grundy Art Gallery

If you have any budding artists in your family, the Grundy Art Gallery is a great choice for a cultural afternoon.  The gallery is situated next to the library, not far from the main bus stops in Blackpool town centre.

With artwork from up and coming artists, as well as established painters and sculptors, this is sure to be an interesting and inspiring experience.  Did we mention, this is FREE entry too!


If you know of any great Local places that are free to visit and think need including in our list leave a comment below or send us an email to info@theBPLbible.co.uk