Perfect prep not so perfect

mould causes illnesses.

Many parents these days are using a time saving device called the perfect prep by tomee tippee. But today it was brought to our attention that this machine might not be as perfect as made out. 

We don’t know how the magic works inside this little labour saver but we do know one thing – a message posted to the tomee tippee FB page had this image attached…

The Customer wanted to know WHY the mould was building up inside the machine and if this could have caused a serous illness for her child.

tomee tippee customer compalint
The young Mother’s words of concern to the manufacturer.

This is a stark reminder to anyone that quick doesn’t always mean good. BUT you are responsible for what you feed your child and if you’re using equipment like this perfect prep – you still need to service it. There are no short cuts.

The manufacturers DO STATE that you must service your machines carefully. There is a filter inside the machine that must be changed regularly every 150 litres or 3 months.
Here is an online version of the quick start guide

The best advice we can give if you’re still not sure is to make bottles the old fashioned way. 

  • Sterilise all the gear you’re gonna use and wash your mitts. (yes hands)
  • Put some fresh water into a clean kettle (yes buy your baby it’s own kettle) and leave it to cool a little.
  • Any longer than 30 mins and you’ll need fresh water.
  • Add the right amount of water to your baby’s bottle. Level off the right quantity of scoops for your baby’s feed.
    Put the lid on the bottle firmly and then shake gently for 10 seconds to dissolve all the powder.
  • Cool the bottle under a running cold tap until the correct temperature has been achieved. You’ll know when it’s just right – test it on your forearm. If you go slightly too cool – a bowl of hot water can be used to raise the temperature a little. Just dip the bottle (lid on) in for a minute or 2 to let the heat transfer.
  • Always keep your boiling water and baby well away from one another.

We’re not saying here that YOUR Perfect Prep machine is full of mould – we’re saying that it’s been reported in this case and if you can – check inside yours – especially if you’ve bought it second hand off facebook. 

If you do check in your perfect prep machine and find anything sinister lurking inside – please send us your photos to

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