More planning freedom for homeowners


Now you can enjoy a little more space for a little less effort after temporary laws have been made permanent in a move by parliament intended to give homeowners more opportunity to extend on their property.

07/06/2019 – Written By: James Southern, BPL Bible Citizen Journalist

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Temporary laws now permanent

Since 2014, temporary laws have been in place doubling the length of an extension allowed under ‘Permittable buildings’, That is, buildings that do not require special planning permission to be built on your property, the temporary laws extended the length allowed for single storey building extensions from 3 metres to 6 metres for an attached house, and from 4 metres to 8 metres for a detached property.

These laws were only meant to be in place until May 2019, but have now been granted permanent status meaning you can build your dream extension with considerably less fuss than before the temp rules were introduced.

It comes at a time when residents of Blackpool are busy making the most of their property, with 46 applications for planning permission being submitted in the last month alone. You only have to drive around the town during the day to see just how many builders are busy working on private residences to truly appreciate how many people are making improvements or renovating for investment.

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So what do I have to do now

To begin building under the new laws you now simply need to inform your local council of the intent in writing, they will then contact neighbouring properties on your behalf to establish that there is no objections and once you have the all clear you are free to start laying the foundations and beginning that garden office, extra bedroom or personal gym that you’ve always wanted.

The same usual rules apply that did before the laws we’re put in place, such building fascias should be of a similar material to the original properties finish, and that the single storey building should be no higher than 4 metres as well as several others, but the good news is that you can now build a considerably sized extension, in less time and with less fuss, and start enjoying your space all the sooner!

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Aah – BUT…

One final caveat however, the new laws do not apply to ‘designated’ areas, areas of natural beauty or listed buildings, so for those of us living atop the Tower, or in a shack on Marton Mere, we may have to wait a little longer before building that yoga retreat or man-cave you have always needed.

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