Chariots of the Gods Blackpool – Ready, Set GO

Last week it was revealed that the plan to create a multi-million pound Entertainment Centre in the heart of Blackpool will finally be put into action as contracts were signed in relation to the use of the land.

The site itself comprises 17 acres and will consist of a number of new buildings, a multi storey car park and pedestrianised access routes through the complex.



The theme of this new development will be based around the work of swiss author Erich Von Dainken who has written many books about alternate explanations for god stories in our shared culture among other things.


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It all sounds a bit like the basis for the stargate film and TV franchise if you ask us. But more about the site..

We have known for a while now that the site has a number of different buildings planned with leisure purposes in mind.

There will be a dedicated concert type venue, restaurants and bars and some other cool themed attractions.

It is designed to be a free to visit theme type park / leisure complex which to be honest is exactly what Blackpool needs right in that spot.



The first step is to build a car park and facilities to enable the rest of the build to take place in stages. The re-enforcement of yeadon way is thought to be a part of this phase too – it is anticipated that many vehicles will be using that route on a daily basis and it was due an upgrade anyway. 
It’s not going to go up as fast as a Chinese hospital though. 

Once completed there will be a Flying theatre attraction featuring fog effects and moving seats – the kind of thing you’d get at universal studios etc..There is also set to be a full body immersive VR experience too. Can’t wait to see what that’s all about.



Part of the complex is set to become a children’s adventure play area which will come as a great relief to some residents who were saddened to learn of the closure and repurposing of the space that we knew and loved as jungle jims. 

We have also heard a rumour that there is a plan in place for a new town centre trampoline park but nothing has been put into planning stages yet.


Psychic Night with Stephen Holbrook – for tickets call Denise on 07446158100

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The second phase of the build will see the completion of some residential and hotel accommodation blocks – more places to eat and drink plus  landscaped public spaces connecting the separate venues.

Early estimations are that the site could generate up to 1000 new jobs and potentially bring in an extra 75 million quid to the complex each year. This will also mean more revenue for the rest of the town – if it looks the part too. 




Check out this video from our mate and local transport reporter – NODROG who has a good inside line on local goings on.


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