Is This Blackpool’s Saddest Christmas Tree?

Layton’s Christmas tree has been decorated with lights despite the only greenery on it being the weeds growing through from underneath.

We nipped to check out the tree last week and despite other dead trees getting all the attention in the last week – we feel that this little one has been sadly left out.

We caught a sneak peek of “The Layton’s” very own Christmas lights being put up on Saturday night and by comparison to the Layton roundabout tree – they look amazing

The saddest tree

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Is this Blackpool’s saddest Christmas tree

♬ It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas – Michael Bublé

Do You think this is the most pathetic Christmas tree in the UK  – or have you seen a worse example of no festive sparkle or cheer… Use the comments section below to let us know what you think.

It’s not like it’s died recently – this photo taken by the passenger at an RTC 2 months ago shows how bare the tree was back then

Which leads us to conclude – that a contractor – looked at the dead Christmas tree and thought – YES That’s right put lights on a dead Christmas tree…

It makes you wonder if one department even talk to another inside our local authority and their contractors.

By comparison – here is the christmas tree at revoe library which still had a bit of life left in it earlier in the year around May.

We’ve not bothered calling the council for comment because last time we wasted an hour on hold and were told that no-one could answer out call and had the line hang up on us. Stupidly called back and tried again only for the same thing to happen. Third time’s not happening. If the council want to reply they can email us using the address listed below.

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