Another Floody Housing Development

Land earmarked for development into houses on Grange park has been looking rather soggy of late.

Since contractors levelled and scraped off the site – it’s been home to many seagulls who have used it as a temporary nature reserve away from the grasps of us humans.

Image 1st Scan Aerial Imagery

Aerial images of the site taken earlier today show the extent of waterlogging on the site.

Following these images we headed down to the fence line to see if waters had subsided 2 hours later – and alas no – the water still remained.

This site is where once stood Christ the King Church and community centre. Both were demolished way back in 2016 and the site has stood vacant since

Since then our tame drone pilot From In Awe Media has since been over to take images of the development tracking it’s progress – this is as the diggers started laying the site out for the first phase back in May

Image by In Awe Digital Media

Of course you may well remember this as grasslands where people could walk and enjoy what was effectively a wild meadow in the centre of the housing development.

Image by 1st Scan Aerial Imagery

The contractor responsible for the site is listed on the fence as local company TYSON who pride themselves in employing local people and contractors for work.

When fencing first went up another company was listed as the security company however these signs have since disappeared.

When the development is completed it is to provide

Blackpool Coastal Housing’s website states

The £20million project will see the construction of 96 affordable houses, 5 bungalows and 30 sheltered apartments. The new homes will be partially funded by a grant from Homes England. Funding from the European Development Fund will support the installation of air source heat pumps in 30 of the new homes and a new cycle path.

Phase 1

Phase 2


Artist rendition of finished project

How it looks today

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