Autumnal walks around Salisbury Wood

One of Blackpool’s best woodland walks looks absolutely stunning at this time of year. Some of the trees may be bare – but the colours of the fallen leaves and in parts – the smell of the pine needles will soon get you in the mood for Christmas.

Follow us through a series of photos as we talk about the wood.

Earlier today whilst capturing media for our story on the neighbouring golf course – we managed to snap these images which should give you a thirst for going out and enjoying our local woodland trails.

It’s only across the road from Stanley Park and if you really wanted to you can explore this path all the way around the back of the zoo – or into staining and further afield as the tracks lead all the way to marton mere if you know your bearings.

This area can be a little slippery underfoot and can also be subject to localised flooding so don’t attempt this without appropriate footwear. An umbrella might come in handy too..

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Salisbury woods blackpool

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Visitors could park their cars for a short while on Woodside drive to just enjoy the first part of the trail. It’s a great place to spend an hour walking around and unwinding. If you’re locky you may spot a Squirrel or even a parakeet.

The Woodland trail is home to a WWII Pill box which used to be in place to defend the Zoo in it’s previous life as Blackpool Aerodrome.

This land overlooks half of the Stanley Park Golf Course and from here you can see over toward Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

A keen eye may also be able to spot clumps of Bamboo which seem to be taking over sections of the woodland. It’s possible that this was of course un-intended as once Bamboo takes hold it can spread vigorously.

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