We are offering free advertising on our Facebook page to All local businesses in Blackpool during this unprecedented time.

(If you would like to offer a free service or free help – please visit

We will post your Ad on our Facebook page and add any relevant info to our page for help and advice in the local area.

You are also free to join our Facebook group called Blackpool Community Chat where you can post about your business once a day.

Please use the form below to send us

  • Your ad copy – the text you want to send people – your press release…
  • A picture that you own and we can use to go alongside the image
  • Any web or Facebook page links that you want us to include on our website.
  • If you will be offering home delivery or not
  • Business Address where people can send letters to
  • Business Email address for orders etc
  • Business phone number for customers to contact.
  • Your Name
  • Your Email.
  • Your position within the business
  • Any other useful Info about either your business – or anything that might help other locals during the current situation.

Fill in this form as fully as possible and we will post your ad in the next available slot. Please share this page on your facebook page for other local business owners to see.)




    By submitting this information you agree that you are you have the authority to enter into this free advertising arrangement on behalf of your company and that you own the rights to any images you have sent to us.