Dickson road closed due to incident

Update – The Road has now been re-opened but earlier we reported: – Police have closed off Dickson road whilst officers including officers from the fire brigade deal with an incident.

Police block Dickson road at the junction with Springfield road

Police were using the assistance of the Fire Brigade’s Bronto Skylift in order to search a rooftop next to Man Bar in Blackpool on Dickson Road. 

A witness on the scene reported to us that 2 men were seen earlier on the roof top but had been seen under arrest by police shortly afterwards. I’ts likely that the police officer was using the Skylift to ensure that no one or no evidence remained atop the building. 

The search took aprox 5 mins before the officer returned to the ground.

An ambulance was spotted on scene but it’s not clear if there are any injuries at this point. It appeared to leave empty.

Our Editor was on the scene with this live video earlier.


We will update this when more info is available from Lancs police.


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