Blackpool’s Gangster Past Part 2 – The Krays’ Connection

After getting so much interest in our first part of our gangster past collection of articles, we thought we’d use Part 2 to look a little more into the association that the Krays had with Blackpool.

Who Were The Krays?

Ronnie and Reggie Kray were born on 24th October 1933.  By blending into the social circles of the rich and famous, they were the epitome of true gangster, controlling much of London back in the day before they began to try to branch out and take on other areas of the UK.

They were known to hang out with Lord Boothby who famously had an affair with former Prime Minister Harold MacMillan’s wife.  They were also associated with gangster John Bindon who Princess Margaret had an affair with.  Bindon had an unusual party trick.  It was said that he could hang 5 beer mugs on his penis.  He was probably fun at Princess Margaret’s royal tea parties.

The Krays’ Connection With Blackpool

The Krays became connected to Blackpool through one of their contacts.  Eric Mason had been attacked by Frankie Fraser and so he relocated to Blackpool for his safety.  Mixie Walsh was a local busnessman in Blackpool who was a close friend of Eric Mason.

How The Krays Were Sent Home

There are two main stories surrounding the Krays being turned away from Blackpool.

The first story goes that Mixie Walsh heard that the Kray twins were on their way to Blackpool.  He got together his local friends and they went to the train station in a gang.  They were there waiting to greet the Krays and are said to have told them to “F*$k off” and so the Krays allegedly got back on the train and off they did ‘f*$k’.

The other story is that the Kray brothers were involved in some partnership deal with Mixie and were on their way to Blackpool to meet him to discuss their venture.  The police got wind of this and it was actually the police who were waiting to interview the Krays at the train station and then sent them on their way.

Of course, this could all be a complete myth and the Krays may never have even heard of Blackpool in their lives as there is no official documentation to support either of these stories.


We’re pretty interested in this topic, so keep your eyes peeled for a part 3 to the gangster past series because it will definitely be coming!