Blackpool’s Gangster Past Part 1 – Keeping The Krays Out!

If you’ve not heard of the Kray twins, you’ve probably missed out on watching some really cool gangster movies as well as keeping your ears closed because Reggie and Ronald Kray are two of the most notorious British gangsters in history.

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We thought it would be cool to bring you some information about how the Kray twins tried to bring their gang to Blackpool and how one man successfully managed to keep the Krays and their cronies out of the area.

On October 9th 2015 Michael “Mixie” Walsh passed away.  The man, best known locally as Mixie had spent his final years in the Nightingales Care Home before his death, aged 84.  Although Mixie was known to be a criminal himself, he was also famed locally for keeping trouble away from Blackpool too.

Arriving in Blackpool in 1940 with his mother, Mixie had an infectious personality and was well liked by all who met him.  His charisma and people skills set him up to be a leader and in no time, his name was known across the Fylde coast and further afield.

Mixie once served time in notorious Dartmoor prison after attacking 6 police officers.  Here, he met Eric Mason, a fellow inmate.  Mixie had made such an impression on Mason that he actually arranged a benefit night in Mixie’s honour when Mixie’s health began to deteriorate.

It was reported that the Kray Twins wanted to expand their empire and so they decided to attempt to take on the bright lights of Blackpool.  Mixie who was known as Blackpool’s governor saw to it that the Krays didn’t get their way and thanks to him, the dangerous duo and their pals stayed away from the area.

The urban legend told around Blackpool is that Mixie got wind of the Kray’s intent to come to Blackpool seeking to replicate their success in the nightclub business they had in London and after meeting them on the platform of central station giving them a polite word in their ear – the Krays were persuaded to get the next train back out of the resort.

This wasn’t the only time that Mixie had kept trouble away from the town.  Arthur Thompson who was Glasgow’s governor for a while tried to take on the North West, and again, Mixie saw to it that it didn’t happen.

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