Air ambulance in Layton at same landing site.

Today we were contacted by a local from Layton who reported to us that the Air ambulance had landed at a field at the bottom of Scorton Ave in Layton. The same field we filmed the residents applauding NHS workers and the air ambulance crew just a week or so ago (see video below)

Upon arrival we were informed by residents that the incident was at the same address attended by crews the last time the air ambulance landed.

By the time we walked the length of scorton ave – paramedics and staff from the air ambulance accompanied by Tac Ops emergency first responders were putting a person into the back of a road ambulance which set off at a slow speed but could be heard with sirens on as it rounded the corner to the main road.

It appears the air ambulance returned to base with only the pilot on board.

There will be more on this story from Lancs live later today.


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