Stunning February Photography in Blackpool

February 2019 brought some gorgeous weather our way. Whilst last year we had snow and rain throughout the month, this year has been glorious. We went for a few walks around the town and we noticed not only how beautiful the town looks but also just how many others we saw out and about appreciating the sights too. One of our favourite moments from this month was seeing hundreds of people lining along the promenade to watch the starlings come over to roost on the piers on Valentine’s Day.  This month really has been a dream for photography enthusiasts on the Fylde Coast!

After witnessing some great things this past month, we thought it would be a good idea to ask people what photos they would like to share with the local community. Honestly, we’ve been blown away by the response. Both professional and amateur photographers alike got in touch and the quality of some of these photos are astounding. So we’re bringing you this article to showcase some of the most stunning photos of Blackpool from this past month as well as showcasing some of the most talented local photographers.

If you want to submit your images throughout March, just message The BPL Bible on facebook with your photos and we’ll include the best an a new article next month! Join The Blackpool Community Chat group on facebook, which is affilliated to The BPL Bible, where you will also be able to submit your photos!


Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

February 2019: A dog casts a silhouette as it takes a walk on the beach. Thanks to Juliette Gregson for submitting this photo!

One of the main benefits that Blackpool has to offer, even without any other attractions, is our beautiful shoreline, improved sea defenses and miles of unbroken promenade. Taking a walk for health, relaxation, to clear the mind or just to exercise the dog is a fun, safe and enjoyable experience. Having a beautiful February means that locals get to enjoy the beach without the droves of tourists. Some of our followers sent us some amazing photos that they had taken along the promenade this past month and we think that they really captured February perfectly.

Local photographer Juliette Gregson took this great photo of a dog enjoying a walk on the beach this February.  We love the silhouette and shadows in this photo.





23rd Feb: We love the colours in this photo kindly submitted by Ian McGrawley

We probably take the beach for granted being local.  We don’t need to go there every day.  We have busy lives and things to do.  But just remember that if you do ever need to clear your head or if you just want to do something different, go for a beach walk on a lovely day.  You won’t regret it.

18th Feb: An amateur photo from Kai Evans captures a beautiful view of the pier across the beach.

Some of the amazing photos that we have been sent of the beach have come from Ian McGawley.  Not only is Ian a great photographer, but he’s also a huge supporter of our local community and works with Streetlife to help the homeless in Blackpool.  You can visit his JustGiving page here if you would like to sponsor him for the Big Sleepout 2019.

Whilst we’ve been wowed by the profesisonal photogrpahs that we’ve been sent we love the raw amateur photographs that we’ve been sent too!  Kai Evans was one of the amateur photographers to come forward and his photo of a view across the beach to the pier is beuatiful.  The reflection of the sky in the water is superb.

15th feb: Graham Ainslie sent us this lovely photo of the beach at low tide.

Another amateur photograph we have been sent of the beach is this one from Graham Anslie which captures low tide on the south side of North Pier in the daytime.







February 2019: Lisa Pool of Lisa Pool Photography sent us this simple but beautiful photo of a bike on the beach at sunset

There’s not a lot that’s more romantic than enjoying a walk along the beach watching the sun go down with your loved one.  Especially on a warm evening.  With some of the photos that we’ve seen of Blackpool at sunset, we’re pretty amazed that people choose to go abroad when there are such beautiful sights right here on our doorstep.


Lisa Pool is a local photgrapher who regularly shares her photography with The BPL Bible.  We’re impressed that something as simple as a bike on a beach can look so beautiful in the sunset.


February 2019: Daniel Reyner captured this majestic sunset photo from the promenade.

Daniel Reyner is passionate about Blackpool and has a group dedicated to promoting the positive aspects of our town.  If you’re interested in having a look, just click on his photo in this section.  We love this photo that Daniel submitted of seaguls flying at sunset.  It’s a pretty typical sight on a summer’s evening in Blackpool, except this was taken in Mid February!


Feb 25th: Terence Bromley Photography sent us this stunning photo of North Pier at sunset. The colours are amazing.

An awesome photo of the pier at sunset was sent to us by Terence Bromley Photography.  The colours in this photo are unreal and really makes us feel pretty warm and fuzzy.









We already ran an article in Febrary about the Starlings in Blackpool and why they come to the town if you want to check it out here.  But even though we’ve already had starlings featured on The BPL Bible lately, we just couldn’t resist sharing the photos that have been sent to us by some talented photographers.

15th Feb: Caroline Guilfoyle captured a murmuration of starlings off Norht Pier as the birds flew in to roost overnight.

The photo that really almost made our hearts stop was this one from Caroline Guilfoyle of Caroline James Photography.  It captures a huge murmuration of starlings at the end of the pier taken on the actual pier itself.  With the colours in the background and the clarity of the birds, this photo is truly magnificent!


Feb 25th: Another photo from Terrence Bromley Phography, this time capturing a cloud of starlings over the pier in the sunset.

Another great photo of the starlings was sent to us by Terrence Bromley Photography.  This photo caltures a cloud of starlings as tey fly over North pier as the sun sets.




Daniel Reyner submitted this beautiful picture of a sunset from the promenade with a murmuration of starlings flying into the shot.

February 2019: This beautiful sunset photo from Daniel Reyner captures a murmuration of starlings flying into the shot.






We have 3 piers in Blackpool, which makes us very lucky as many coastal places don’t even have 1.  Many of the people who sent us photos seem to really like taking hotos of the piers!  Here are a few of the photos that we were sent!


Amateur photographer Ela Guziolek-Williams kindly shared this sunny photo of Central Pier taken from the Promenade.



Graham Ainslie sent us this lovely photo of North Pier in the sunset



25th Feb: Terence Bromley Photography sent us this colourful photo of North Pier in the evening



February 2019: Juiette Gregson took this moody looking photo of The Blackpool Tower from North Pier



Central Blackpool

Whilst the promenade and piers are great paces to enjoy wonderful sights in Blackpool, there are some amazing sights to see around the town too.  From breathtaking architecture to culinary delights, we’ve got plenty of photos to share.

February 2019: Adam Piksa sent us this great photo of the arch sculptures on Birley Street

Town Centre Sights

Walking around the town, you’ll be able to spot some unusual artwork from sculptures to graffiti.  Adam Piksa submitted this beautiful greyscale photo of Birley Street feturing the arch sculptures.





Local Buildings

Feb 9th: Local heritage photographer Juliette Gregson took this great photo featuring the architecture in the Winter Gardens.


Juliette Gregson is a local heritage phographer and social historian and she took some amazing photos of Blackpool’s Winter Gardens in early February.  We love this photo featuring some of The Winter Gardens’ breathtaking architecture.








February 2019: Juliette Gregson Captured this photo of the Big One in the sunset

Local Attractions

Another photo from Juliette Gregson.  This photo captures The Big One at the Pleasure beach, located in South Shore.  The pinkish sky is the perfect backdrop for this photo.





Local Cuisine

The Pizza Company opened earlier this month and we were lucky enough to be some of the first to try these amazing pizzas.  We think that this photo is worth pf a place in this article!  Nom!




February 2019: Ian McGawley captured the sun at the perfect moment behind the bandstand in Stanley Park


Another stunning photo from Ian McGawley was sent to us featuring this wonderful picture of the Bandstand with the sun captured just at the perfect moment.


24th Feb: Ali from The BPL Bible took this photo at stanley Park boating lake as the sun was setting

One of our very own photographers at The BPL Bible took this photo on the grass verge near the bridges at Stanley Park boating lake just as the sun was setting.  It was a great day for enjoying the park with an energetic toddler!





Further Afield

There are plenty more amazing things to be seen close to Blackpool.  We had a few great photos sent to us from areas surrounding Blackpool and we thought these were worth including!


Rock Gardens

February 2019: Andi Musson sent us this beautiful photo of the Rock Gardens on Devonshire Road towards Bispham.

Andi Musson took this photo of the Rock Gardens on Devonshire road heading towards Bispham.  The plants look particularly beautiful in the sunshine.



February 2019: Ian McGawley took this beautiful photo on the beach at Cleveleys.

This photo sent to us by Ian McGawley looks like something from a mythical fairtytale.  Who’d have thought such an unusual and captivating photo opportunity was sitting there right on our doorstep!



Skippool Creek

Feb 2019: This imaginitive photo was taken at Skippool Creek by Ian McGawley

Another image from Ian McGawley who does seem to be quite an adventurous photographer indeed!  this cleverly taken photo was taken at Skippool Creek, which is located between Cleveleys and Poulton.







In addition to all these stunning photographs, we can’t forget the views that are to be found around the town.  Lets look at some of the most impressive in February:


February 2019: In Awe Media shared this amazing drone photo of The Blackpool Tower in the evening

In Awe Media is a licensed drone company and they sent us this stunning photo of the Blackpool Tower with surrounding views of Blackpool and beyond.  The colours of the sky in the background are superb.


Although this photo wasn’t taken in February, we still think it’s a pretty impressive view with the sun perfectly placed in the photo. Kudos to Ian McGawley for snapping this shot.









Future Opportunities

Whether you’re already a professional photographer, trying to get into the field or if you simply enjoy taking photos with your smart phone, we love seeing your photos of our wonderful town.  Get snapping your favourite sights around the town throughout March to get featured in our next phography article!  Join The Blackpool Community Chat group on facebook, which is affilliated to The BPL Bible, where you will be able to submit your photos!  You can also message our facebook page with your photos throughout March!  This is a great opportunity to get some exposure for your talents.