Progress made on New Bispham Aldi – from B&Q to B&M

The old B&Q site on Holyoake Ave in Bispham has had extensive refurbishments carried out over the past year to make way for the new Bispham Aldi. We visited the site 5 months ago when it was stripped bare

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Photos of the site take on Friday reveal that  the car park is now being re-surfaced. We didn’t get pictures but – could see most of the shelving and tills are in place inside the new bispham aldi.



The store is due to open on the 28th of this month – and the unit next door is set to become a B&M. Weill follow up with an article about that in the future.

Access to Pets at home is still available by the second entrance to the car park further down Holyoake Ave.

The planning application for the new bispham aldi included some modifications to the junction and possibly the timing of the traffic lights.

We previously visited the site when it was bare and sent our little drone in for a scout.