Caramilk Eggs and Why You’ve never heard of them in Blackpool…

These look lush…

Can’t wait to try these…

Where can I buy them from???

Just some of the comments we’ve seen already regarding this Cadbury Product – But where indeed can you find these little wonder eggs??

Perfect placement for Students at Blackpool 6th form or B&F College

Little Known Secret

These little capsules of joy are well known within a small demographic of people living in London (and in other parts of the UK too) and they probably don’t see what the fuss is about because for them – This product is nothing new at all.



It’s a delightful set of photos that have been doing the rounds on social media recently which has been attracting the attention of people now in the UK asking why they haven’t seen them in the shops.

Who are these people you speak of with knowledge of this forbidden fruit I hear you ask. Simple. It’s the Aussies mate. This is a common product on the shelves of your Australian sweet shops and supermarkets.

Perfect placement for Students at Blackpool 6th form or B&F College

What do they taste like?

The flavour of the eggs on the packet is described as caramelised white chocolate – Which in your mouth will translate to a much softer – more sumptuous and somewhat moreish taste than regular white chocolate – if that’s at all possible… It’s a softer more melty product but not quite as melty as the inside of a lindt ball.


How can i get some?

It is possible…. But you’ve got to REALLY REALLY want them. There are currently no plans to release the caramilk eggs in the UK but luckily the website can happily supply them but for the princely sum of £9.99 per packet shipped to the UK from Oz. Is it really worth spending all that money on? Really? Do you know how many freddos you could buy for that kind of money…

It’s possible however to get a taste of Caramilk for less than £3 from this website. The Caramilk Twirl is a close contender and doesn’t cost the earth. But is it worth the massive price tag?

What else comes close to caramilk in the UK – IE substitutes…

Surprisingly we do have a product in the UK that’s similar to the caramilk egg – and we call it a Caramac. It’s a caramelised white chocolate bar – that in theory – you could melt down and turn into little eggs… If you really really wanted to – and it would save you about £9.

Perfect placement for Students at Blackpool 6th form or B&F College

Would you Fork out for a bag of Caramilk eggs – or the twirl version?

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