HUGE New building proposed for Town Centre

A massive new six storey building has been proposed for the site of Pizza Express on the corner of church street and Abingdon street – in the heart of Blackpool’s town centre.

If approved by planning officials – the new scheme would see the existing 3 storey building completely demolished in order to make way for the new structure.

The applicant Daniel Berko of Blackpool (Church Street) LLP is looking to put 29 apartments on the site while keeping the ground floor as a commercial unit.

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New Plans Unveiled

It is thought that this would mean a bar, restaurant, shop or other type of retail space.

In the application the applicant states that the current building doesn’t add much value to the charachter of the area and hopes the proposed build will lend itself better to the area. The land would have to be cleared in order to make a significant change.

“In replacement, we propose a high-quality development, which responds to the context through sensitive material choices, and enhances the existing character. through its design features and proportion.

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From the Proposal

“The proposed redevelopment will also provide a more efficient use of the site
which is currently underutilised in its current form and has been for some time.
“An intensified and flexible commercial use of the site would be in keeping with its town centre location, and would be facilitated by its high level of public
transport accessibility.
“The proposal will greatly improve the streetscape of Blackpool town centre, whilst enhancing the existing character.”

Elaine Smith, of the Winter Gardens Trust, said she feared the proposed building would overshadow the Winter Gardens.
She added: “It is possible to have modern and old architecture together but I don’t think this particular one fits the bill.

“I am all for having apartments on high streets in the town centre, but I think a number of adjustments need making to this block.”Businessman Robert Wynne, who owns the neighbouring West Coast Rock Cafe on Abingdon Street, said: “Blackpool needs more quality residential properties in the town centre but whether this is the right site, I’m not sure.
“But the town is missing a population living centrally and it can be empty during the week.”

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