Burst pipe will mean no water for some

A water main has burst on Dickson Road by the Wilko building today leaving a steady gush of water pouring from the pipe for a few hours today.

It’s not clear how the main was burst but earlier today we received an inbox from a local reader who claimed that workmen sent the digger through it whilst carrying out other work earlier today.

He remarked that it was the fourth time that this section of pavement has been dug up recently and the water pipe was bound to go sooner or later.

While on scene we were approached by a worker from United Utilities who spotted the camera and offered to send it down the pit for us.

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On the full video the worker can be heard discussing with another colleague that the pipe is the main to the Wilko sprinkler system.

He continues to speak about there being 8 “taps” feeding into the pipe. In order to seal the split in the pipe each tap or valve must be turned off – meaning that whilst this is being carried out – some homes and businesses in the immediate area will be without water for a short time.


Workers from United utilities are expected to visit the properties affected to give due notice of the shut off. We are advising people in the local area to fill up pots and pans and empty bottles if possible.

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When further discussing the job the worker carrying our camera guessed that the issue would last longer than his shift which finished at 8pm.

He suspected the issue would be fixed at some point overnight but couldn’t specify when as the complicating factor was contacting all the properties that will be affected by the temporary shut off.

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