Spring Promotion Offer

We are offering a reasonably priced – local online brand recognition campaign for your local business in spring.

There’s no rolling contract, You pay for the month ahead and control how long you stay on board for using that method.

These are all our advertisers from Jan

We use our local online community to promote your band using our Website, Facebook Page, Facebook Groups, Instagram account, Twitter and in some cases our Youtube channel.

If you already have promo videos made up for your business – it’s a great application to use them in!

Promote your local business to our audience of over 40,000 local followers over a period of 4 weeks for just £35 with our fantastic spring deal.

In our Spring Promotion Offer you will get: –

  • 2 Sponsored Articles on our website – ie your ads in our articles, twice in the month/following 4 weeks
  • 2 posts on our main Facebook page with tags and links to your business
  • 2 posts on our instagram about your business (tags if appropriate)
  • 2 posts on our twitter account about your business (tag or URL link)
  • 2 shares of posts from your Facebook page to our Facebook page
  • 1 Picture share sponsorship credit on our Website/FB/Twitter/Instagram (our picture – your name on it)
  • 1 press release style article published on our website about your business including pictures or video you provide us with. (max 300 words)

1 Month for £35

[accept_stripe_payment name=”Spring Promo Offer” price=”35″ currency=”GBP” thankyou_page_url=”https://thebplbible.co.uk/spring-promo-thankyou-page/” description=”Spring Promo Offer 1 Month” button_text=”Order Spring Promo Offer Now”]

Order now using the button above – or use buttons further below for deal plus your chosen add on.

Deal With Add on 1 –

1 hour on location photoshoot with our photographer (+£60)

[accept_stripe_payment name=”Spring Offer Add1″ price=”95″ currency=”GBP” thankyou_page_url=”https://thebplbible.co.uk/spring-promo-thankyou-page/” description=”Spring offer with Photographer for an hour” button_text=”Click to Buy this deal + Add On 1″]

Deal With Add on 2 –

1000 word Business review style article including 30 min photo session at your business (+£50)

[accept_stripe_payment name=”Spring Offer with Add On 2″ price=”85″ thankyou_page_url=”https://thebplbible.co.uk/spring-promo-thankyou-page/” description=”Spring Deal with 1000 word Article” button_text=”Click to Buy this deal + Add On 2″]

Deal With Add on 3 –

50 second promo video based on photos or video you can provide us with (+£50)

[accept_stripe_payment name=”Spring offer Add on 3″ price=”85″ thankyou_page_url=”https://thebplbible.co.uk/spring-promo-thankyou-page/” description=”Spring offer with Standard Video” button_text=”Click to Buy this deal + Add On 3″]

Deal With Add on 4 –

50 second promo video created from scratch using stock footage or animation (+£150)

[accept_stripe_payment name=”Spring offer Add On 4″ price=”185″ thankyou_page_url=”https://thebplbible.co.uk/spring-promo-thankyou-page/” description=”Spring offer with Stock Video creation” button_text=”Click to Buy this deal + Add On 4″]

Deal With Add on 5 –

50 second promo video that we shoot with you on location for up to 2 hours (+£250)

[accept_stripe_payment name=”Spring Offer Add On 5″ price=”285″ thankyou_page_url=”https://thebplbible.co.uk/spring-promo-thankyou-page/” description=”Spring offer with Bespoke Video” button_text=”Click to Buy this deal + Add On 5″]

More options

For more local publicity options please visit the link below.

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