2020 Publicity Products

We are often asked if we can share posts for local businesses to help them gain more customers.

We are happy for locals to post about their own businesses in our Blackpool Community Chat group for free – but we have a price structure for other types of publicity through our brand.

Below is a list of the  products we offer along with a short description.

Once payment is completed for your chosen product you will be redirected to our order fulfilment page where you can provide us with all the necessary details we will need to fulfil your request.

Should you have an issues during the ordering process – please use the live chat option on this website or email info@thebplbible.co.uk

One Facebook Share from your page to ours

This is a simple service and is our most requested.

We ask for a small admin fee to facilitate your request.

Included in this fee is automatic addition to our local online directory page.

Write a post on our social media profiles.

Our second most requested service is that we post a picture and some text to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

This allows local businesses to take best advantage of a single post reach using our brand's local social network.

This involves a little more work so the admin fee is adjusted accordingly.

Sponsor 4 Articles

We write and publish content for our website daily. We are using google ad code to make some revenue from our efforts but we have always had local businesses in mind. As such we are offering a simple way for local businesses to gain extra exposure by showing their support for our local brand and writers by sponsoring articles.

For sponsoring 4 article your company/brand will receive

  • 2 image links (ads) in the body of each article
  • a text link at the beginning of the article (Click HERE for an example Article)
  • The images will feature your brand, your offer or marketing image
  • All sponsor positions will link directly to your social media or website.
  • The articles will be publicised on all our social media outlets as well as to our regular website subscribers.


Sponsor a Banner £20

We have a number of banner and Every Page Positions on offer.

This product is for the Banner above the content - below the header (title ad) on every page for a period of 1 month.

This position is displayed to every reader on our site and is available to you to promote your business or product.


Sponsor Our Mast Head

Our Mast Head is the most prominent position on our website.

  • Exclusive use of our main advertising position - The mast head of our website.
  • Basic artwork / design fee included
  • Picture or video media to display your marketing message
  • 300 word business feature on our website - publicised on our social media outlets
  • 2 post shares per week on each of our social media sites and groups for the month
  • No other advertisers from your industry during your sponsorship period
  • No tie-ins or rolling contracts unless requested.
  • Discount for Annual Sponsorship
  • Secure online payment and billing with Stripe£125 /Month

This position lasts for one month - Buy 10 Months get 2 Months free.

Social media video production and publicity

The advantage we have over other video service providers is that we have our own viewers waiting to see what we are producing.

We can produce a video to advertise your business to our local network.

We will spend half a day filming with you on location where you work. We will include any other footage you provide to us if appropriate.

We will spend further time in our studio editing the final product.

Once the video is approved we will publicise the video on our Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram and on our website inside a n article about the partnership that we create for the project.

The total video length will be between 50-60 seconds.


If you have a general enquiry – please use the form below

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