2020 Publicity Products

We are often asked if we can share posts for local businesses to help them gain more customers.

We are happy for locals to post about their own businesses in our Blackpool Community Chat group for free – but we have a price structure for other types of publicity through our brand.

Below is a list of the  products we offer along with a short description.

Once payment is completed for your chosen product you will be redirected to our order fulfilment page where you can provide us with all the necessary details we will need to begin your campaign.

Should you have an issues during the ordering process – please use the live chat option on this website or email info@thebplbible.co.uk

Write a post on our social media profiles.

Our second most requested service is that we post a picture and some text to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

This allows local businesses to take best advantage of a single post reach using our brand's local social network.

This involves a little more work so the admin fee is adjusted accordingly.

Sponsor a Banner from £40

We have a number of banner and Every Page Positions on offer.
The banners are smaller than the masthead image which displays at the very top of each page.
Some of the positions we offer are square format and appear down the side of the website on desktop view

This product is for one of the Banner positions on every page for a period of 1 month.

This banner is displayed to every reader on our site. You can choose which position you want on the following page.


Sponsor 4 Articles

We write and publish content for our website daily. We are offering a simple way for local businesses to gain extra exposure by showing their support for our local brand and our writers by sponsoring our local articles.

For sponsoring 4 article your company/brand/organisation will receive

  • 3 image links (ads) in the body of each article
  • Your logo or brand on the featured image which will display on all our publicity of the article.
  • a text link at the beginning of the article which can lead to your website or social page
  • The image ads will feature your brand, your offer or marketing image
  • The images display from our severs just like our website content so they don't get blocked by ad blocking software.
  • The articles will be publicised on all our social media profiles and groups as well as to our regular website subscribers.


Basic Social Media Slider Video

A 10-15 second slideshow style video with moving animated text overlays and graphics - designed to captivate your audience's attention for just enough time to get your message across effectively.

We will make the video using still frames (photos) or video that you provide to us or link to on your social media.




Advanced Social Media Slider Video

A 30-45 second slideshow style video with moving animated text overlays and graphics - designed to captivate your audience's attention for enough time to get multiple messages across effectively.

We will make the video using still frames (photos) or video that you provide to us or link to on your social media.

We will post this video on our Facebook page and send it to you to use on your social media accounts / Website.

Virtual Video Tour

We will visit your shop or business and give your potential customers a really good look round at your products and services.
We will spend one hour at your business for filming and 2 hours working on the edit and publicity back at the office.
We will add a number of titles and sales messages to the video feature your logo and contact / social links at the end.

You can use the video on your own social media and website.

WE will publicise the video on our social media sites too linking back to your website or social pages.
We can also use this video if you decide to sponsor one of our articles each week or month.

Social media video production and publicity

The advantage we have over other video service providers is that we have our own viewers waiting to see what we are producing.

We can produce a video to advertise your business to our local network.

We will spend half a day filming with you on location where you work. We will include any other footage you provide to us if appropriate.

We will spend further time in our studio editing the final product.

Once the video is approved we will publicise the video on our Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram and on our website inside a n article about the partnership that we create for the project.

The total video length will be between 50-60 seconds.

Sponsor Our Mast Head

Our Mast Head is the most prominent position on our website.
It is seen FIRST by EVERY READER on EVERY PAGE of our website EVERY TIME.
Included -

  • Exclusive use of our main advertising position - The mast head of our website.
  • Basic artwork / design fee included (updates and amendments are subject to a standard £40 artwork fee)
  • Picture or video media to display your marketing message
  • 300 word business feature on our website - publicised on our social media outlets
  • 2 post shares per week on each of our social media sites and groups for each month you are with us.
  • No other advertisers from your industry during your sponsorship period.
  • No tie-ins or rolling contracts unless requested.
  • Discount for Annual Sponsorship up front
  • Secure online payment and billing with Stripe

This position lasts for one month as standard - Discounts are available for paying for more months up front.
We don't offer finance plans just the Monthly pay as you go payments or automatic billing if requested.



Social Media Management

Our social media experts will ensure that your chosen social media account is active daily and is putting out the right messages to your potential customers in a professional and engaging manner. We ensure that the Social is emphasised in Social Media.

You choose HOW involved we get and still maintain the ability to add your own character to the account.

We just make sure the basics are covered in our bronze package (£45/week) which includes

  • One bespoke image post with accompanying text description on your chosen account each day.
  • 30 mins each day dedicated to reply to comments and inboxes.
  • We will invite people who react to your posts to like your page
  • We will add your page to local groups which allow advertising and post in one group per day for you
  • One share to our FB pages each week

Silver Package (£90/Week) is Double the Bronze plus

  • One "Basic Social Media Slider" Video per week
  • 3 Shares per week on our social pages for your afternoon post
  • 30 mins each week with our photographer

Gold Package (£180/Week) is Double the Silver Package Plus

  • One "Advanced Social Media Slider" Video per week and
  • A share each day on our social media pages for your prime time post (instead of afternoon posts).
  • A vocal mention in any livestreams that the BPL Bible conducts in that week.

If you have a general enquiry – please use the form below

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