Xmas Cancelled, Santa Grounded due to drone sightings

Christmas this year has been cancelled across the world due to reports of multiple drone sightings across the world trying to catch a glimpse of Santa flying through the night sky on his sleigh.

A fighter was scrambled to search for a drone after a report near kings lynn

RAF fighter interceptors have been scrambled and are patrolling the skies of the UK armed with specially developed weapon pods that fire out a net to capture the rogue drones which remain attached to the jets as they return them to base for forensic evidencing.

Drone Capture Net Technology

We contacted the MOD for an official statement on the incident but they declined to give any information nor would they confirm that their had been any sightings at all.
The drone sightings were reported online as a user comment on the Met office’s Christmas message posted at 20:00 Christmas eve and read – “drones sighted in London – Christmas cancelled” There has been no further word on the case. 

We contacted the Civil Aviation Authority for a comment on this situation and they said “grow up you fool, stop wasting our time – Santa isn’t real.”

What’s your view on the situation? Is this just jolly holiday satire or is this closer to clickbait? You decide – leave us a festive comment below to let us know what you think!!!

For some REAL news – please watch this short video about an event to feed and clothe the homeless in Blackpool that took place this week. Hug your loved ones a little tighter this Christmas.

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From all of us here at the BPL Bible we wish you a merry christmas!!