Pastels – Revisited

Earlier in the year we visited Pastels Burgers and Shakes in St. Johns Square Blackpool. We were thoroughly impressed back then with the service, products and the uniqueness of this venue. 

Since then the “burger shop” has been expanded into the premises next door to allow for more seating and a more relaxed atmosphere.

Since we last visited, the chefs have been trying different ideas for burger toppings whilst still keeping the daft names that have made this place unique like ordering a dirty derek, an alan burger or a grey bra…. They have commissioned a “pastels burger” which we will present to you today.

A double FAT burger combo served on a brioche bun, coupled with a delicious melty cheese topping, Mayo and Back yard butter.

As a massive fan of 5guys, The editor enjoys a BIG burger and this pastels signature burger really lived up to expectation. 

Weighing in at £9 with fries, this burger is worth the money you pay. The burgers themselves come close to medium, not a sight of pink inside but the meat was really soft juicy and tender. 

After taking a few bites i had to double take as it appeared that there was loads of grease dripping from the burger but after taking a second glance at the menu – realised that this lovely lipid substance oozing from the bun was indeed the back yard butter – seasoned with herbs to create a truly unique satisfying taste that we’ve genuinely not experienced anywhere before. 

At the same time we ordered our food – 3 young ladies visited the shop and ordered 3 milky way milkshakes which are pictured above. These were the smaller sized shakes at £2.50 each, and as you can see – they are still substantial. We ordered a chocolate orange shake but unfortunately it didn’t make the photo-shoot before it had been half swigged… delish!!

Over the past year we have ordered a few take outs and enjoyed a few good meals in this place so naturally we left a good Christmas tip for all the staff to share. Go on – buy them a beer – they work really hard and IT’S CHRISTMAS!!

If you’ve not been to the restaurant or ordered a take out from pastels – We’d recommend you make it your new year resolution.

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Merry Christmas you filthy animals 🙂

Addendum – We didn’t realise that pastels had released a new lunch time offer today but as of now 1am fri 22 Dec – We’ve just seen their promo video on FB – it’s a hoot… Well played pastels. Well played.