What Is Resilient Move?

If you’ve been down Talbot Road today – you may have noticed these flag stones have been installed. But what on earth are they.

We’ve contacted Blackpool Council who have provided us with the details of the correct department however we are waiting for a reply.

So far it’s unclear exactly where these tiles (which are approx every 20ft up one side of talbot road from the promenade) will eventually cover.

We have done a little research ourselves about resilient move but so far have only uncovered a few references to resiliance training being given to primary children in local schools as part of a local strategy to tackle poverty and other issues that affect local children. There are examples of this being in place since before 2017 though – so why put these tiles out now?

One worker on Talbot Road who was installing these stones mentioned to us that they were by the same person who had designed the comedy carpet and thet the stones cost a staggering amount of money each. We daren’t publish the amount he claimed in case it isn’t true but if it’s confirmed to us – we’re absolutely disgusted at the use of this money.

Have you seen any more tiles like this around the Fylde Coast? Have you seen anything like it in schools or health centres / community centres? Do you work for an organisation who knows what this is all about? Leave a comment below – email us or use the live chat box at the bottom right of our website to get in touch with us at any time.  You can also report to us your own stories from around your area and we will be happy to publish relevant and interesting stories from our readers along with pictures and video clips too. You can join our Citizen Journalist Group if you’re into that sort of thing.

We will update this article one we’ve received our reply from the council officer we have contacted.

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