Manfredi Ice Cream, Bispham

According to the Friendly Owner Austin – The Manfredi Family have been selling Ice Cream in England for over 100 years. You can find a branch of he Manfredi family in most North West Towns. Some f them still sell ice cream in the tradition of their great grandfather.


Great Grandfather Domenick Manfredi made the journey from Italy to England On Foot according to family legend. He found a home in Leigh and soon after set up their first hand cart there selling ice cream or gelato!


Over the years the various selling points have been made about their ice cream that it was Mechanically Made and Created using Electricity etc – certainly hark back to a different era when people were looking for new and exciting experiences.

The New shop which is situated on the corner of red bank road and the promenade nestled amongst the queens mansions/hearts amusements building – this has certainly got the prime location for illuminations season. The shop is currently open daily and has been opening until 6PM most evenings. You can check their FB page for latest opening times and news about extened openings.

The cheapest ice cream we saw was around £1.60 but there is a variety of different cones or tubs to choose from along with the extended range of toppings for a small surcharge. Presentation of these simple ices is on point.

At the moment “Papa” Manfredi as he has been affectionately called by his children will be offering only one flavour of ice cream – a traditional vanilla however the range of toppings and sauces will really let your imagination run wild. The shop opened to the public on Sunday and thanks to a few posts in Bispham Chat and other groups on Facebook – The Shop saw queues stretching around the corner at one point. Mr. Manfredi said ” The response from local people since we opened has been overwhelming . We were expecting a slow start with maybe a few passing tourists stopping to buy a cone but we had a queue around the corner at one point, it’s been fantastic with thanks to the local people for their Support.”

Please continue to support this local in his new business venture as I’m sure you support all our local businesses.



Variety of Different cones or tubs to choose from

There is a wide variety of cone styles to choose from and different sized tubs too. Perfect for any sized appetite.

Premium toppings for a small fee

Some of these toppings come with a small surcharge – some are included in the price. Salted Caramel chips are 30p for example.

Wide Variety of Flavoured Sauces

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