Vandals rip faux fur from Walkies Blackpool dog car

Fur flying in road after late night Walkies Blackpool scalping.

Overnight – a well recognised novelty car has been damaged considerably whilst parked up on a main route from blackpool to poulton. Someone must have seen something.

27/07/2019 – Written By: WILL RITCHIE, EDITOR
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Fur Flying Everywhere

Like a scene from a low budget horror movie – the owners of a well known local novelty vehicle have found that an act of vandalism overnight has left their reliable reliant robin ragged and relatively bald.

The 3 wheeled dog-mobile was parked up in a lay-by on Garstang road between vida football complex and poulton on a heavily used stretch of road frequented by taxi drivers who will likely have dash cam footage.

Anyone who passed the scene last night is urged to come forward with any information that might help piece together the puzzle of how this fur lined three wheeler ended up in this state.

Walkies Blackpool

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The vehicle was recently displayed as part of a charity open day on the field next to what is now the grand hotel Blackpool – only last week.

This vehicle is roadworthy, taxed, covered under a current MOT and can often be seen out and about on the roads of the Fylde coast.

This is how the Canine car looked before the mess was made last night.

Its clear to see that this particular fur is well looked after and is groomed often. It reminds us of dog food ads talking about a healthy coat of fur and fish oils having something to do with it..

It boggles the mind as to why someone would see such a vehicle and decide that it needed a hair-cut.

Plea for help

One of our readers has claimed that a drive past at appro 4:30 am saw the vehicle looking fine and in tact.

A comment on a post in Poulton Le Fylde Chat Group on Facebook reveals that one local resident was running their mother to work at approx 5:15 AM and witnessed a bald man approx in his 40s attacking the car whilst also attempting to flag down cars seemingly for a lift to get out of the rain. It’s not clear whether this claim has been reported to the police.

Do you live nearby? did you drive that way last night? Could you possibly have images of the vandal on your CCTV or dash cam? Have you seen anything on social media – snapchat – instagram – anything that might lead to the identification of those responsible for this despicable crime.

If you know anything about this mindless act of dogged destruction please get in touch with Walkies Dog wlaking and pet sitting services on Facebook or contact the police directly on 101. We don’t have a crime reference number yet but we’re pretty sure this will be the only dog car vandalism offence reported today.

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