Thanking Our Key Workers – Transport Network

Photo credit: Stephen Ceatley

One group of key workers that we would love to thank is our hard working public and private transport key workers here in Blackpool and on the Fylde Coast.  If it wasn’t for these guys, some key workers would struggle to get out to work, whilst others would not be able to travel to appointments or do their shopping.

Not a sight we’ll be seeing for a while during lockdown

Blackpool Transport is doing a wonderful job, maintaining a regular bus and tram service for locals.  They are listening carefully to customer feedback, and streamlining their services so that key workers can get to and from work safely and on time.  With great transport links to Blackpool Victoria Hospital and all the key supermarkets, this is a useful and important service for the fylde coast.

One of the things that Blackpool Transport is doing at the moment is adding extra journeys on to their usual timetables to take into account the extra shifts that key workers have informed them of.

Photo credit : Stephen Cheatley

With an 80% drop in customers reported by the Blackpool Transport website, it’s understandable that they have made the decision to reduce the frequency of their services, but they are ensuring that those who need them the most are able to make their required journeys.

Local taxi firms are still operating for locals but are ensuring that their drivers wear PPE where possible and that their vehicles are thoroughly cleaned as frequently as possible.  Whilst customers are being advised to consider whether or not their journey is essential, for those who have a genuine need to travel by Taxi, these local heroes are very much appreciated.

Photo Credit: Our very own Historian Juliette Gregson

Ensuring that essential travel is still possible to locations further afield is everyone working for the rail network.  Whilst buses, trains and taxis are great for getting around locally, trains allow key workers to travel to Blackpool from out of town to help support our essential businesses, services and organisations and there are people here who travel out of town for their own employment purposes.

We mustn’t forget all those who work behind the scenes too!  Switchboard operators, fleet coordinators, admin staff, engineers, the list is endless.

Thank you to all our transport workers for getting key workers to their jobs, to helping people get their shopping done, to transporting people to medical appointments, we couldn’t manage without you all.  Keep going!

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