Space Station due for another pass tonight.

ISS Skims over Blackpool’s skies

Keep your eyes looking westward later on this evening for a glimpse of the International Space Station.

25/07/2019 – Written By: WILL RITCHIE, EDITOR
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Keen star gazers were treated to 3 passes of the international space station last night.  The space station orbits the earth all the tie but its path varies and allows the platform to observe more of the globe.

Watching the event can be quite interesting for some. At first a fast moving spec of light appears out of the corner of your eye as the light reflecting off the station from the sun can be seen close to sunset.

The ISS passing over Blackpool last night

Once overhead the station takes approximately 6 minurtes to come into and go out of eyesight from the ground. The station makes a pass every hour and a half but its course varies slightly each pass. In total it makes 16 orbits of the earth each day.

Where to look

The station is due into our skies this evening at 10:43 PM – will be approaching from the West and will leave East South East…

A second shot of the ISS transit yesterday evening.

If the clouds clear off you should be able to see the bright dot of a station whizzing by at 7.66 KM.Second for about 6 minutes!

Spotting Tips

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