Small and Manageable Fire Handled in Cleveleys

In an enticingly titled article with the headline “Firefighters scrambled to tackle Cleveleys kitchen fire”, this weekend, Local rag The Gazette reported about a fire that had been tended to in Cleveleys.  After we turned off our adblocker to avoid signing up to the site, and scrolling the sea of adverts, we discovered a 58 word piece of text which we assume was the full article.  This explained that a fire was tended to at 2:39pm on Sunday.  Two fire engines were deployed to the fire that was located on Stanley Avenue, where a fire was reported to have broken out in a kitchen.  Minimal equipment was needed to tackle the flames.

We’re glad that no injuries were reported and the fire was handled safely by our local emergency services.

Admittedly, we had hoped to bring something a little more eventful to the table, especially with the attraction of the Gazette’s headline, but unfortunately they didn’t deliver.  We didn’t want to give you guys the same false hope that we’d felt.