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We are committed to helping local businesses and as part of our commitment we’re trying to visit as many new local traders as possible to check out what’s really going on in our local area. This week we’ve been to a new business venture based on the moor park industrial estate in Bispham. SAS Self Storage is now open for business offering state of the art storage solutions for pretty much anyone who needs something squared away securely.

Ultra HD CCTV – SAS Self Storage, Bispham

Looking around the business.

The premises itself is purpose designed and was finished just 2 weeks ago. All the storage units are built to the same high standards and can be supplied with a number of different locks depending on the preference of the client.

This business has really made an effort to look the part – The branding is on point and throughout the property the place looks very smart, clean, modern and impressive.

Storage Boxes are available – SAS Self Storage

What’s it really like?

We were welcomed with a coffee in the reception area which doubles as the office too and had a chat with Sharon the warm and welcoming office manager.

A large display with many many cameras gave views of every possible angle around this building showing us plainly that this place is safe and secure. There was a double roller shutter door at the back of the premises to allow for easy loading and unloading of items right onto the main corridors of the safe area.

There are many storage providers on the Fylde coast whose prices are all relatively similar – SAS Self Storage have priced themselves bang in the middle of the market however we think they should realistically be on the higher end of the market due to the pristine set up they have – we can understand why they are keen to deliver great value at the prices they have set though.

Rise in reported Crime

With an obvious increase of social media reports of thefts from garages, cars and vans overnight – it makes sense to consider putting your valuables somewhere that has 24 hour cctv of every angle possible and double secure facilities that will help you to keep your valuables locked down tight until you need them.

Whether you have some valuable tools that you don’t think will be safe in your shed – or you have a prized motorbike that needs putting somewhere really safe – this place is bang in the middle of the Fylde coast with great transport links to all areas.

Drive Right in – SAS Self Storage, Bispham

Why Use Storage…

We’ve come up with a list of other ideas of how you could use the services of this company that you might not even realise…

We highly recommend the service provided by SAS Self Storage and We recommend you come down and speak to the friendly team before choosing to store property anywhere.

Identical Storage “cells” – SAS Self Storage, Bispham.

House Too Small?

Whether you’re an habitual hoarder or if you just have a really tiny house, you may find that you just don’t have room for all your belongings.  If you’d like to have a minimalist house but don’t want to part with anything, self storage might be the answer.

You will be able to store your possessions for those just in case times, or to pass on to others when the time is right.  Got a few nice bits of furniture that are just too good to throw out? Store them in a self storage unit until you can give them to your family members when they’re ready for them.  Your children may need all the help they can get when they get their own place, so if you have all the items they could need stored safely away, they will be able to save a small fortune by not having to buy those items themselves.

Locked Down – SAS Self Storage, Bispham

Some people find that they don’t have any storage for certain high value items that would otherwise be kept in an outbuilding.  If you have a home that has no secure garden or outbuildings, you could use self storage to keep your bike safe or to store tools that you may use for home or for your job.

Moving Home

With the housing market being so unpredictable at the moment, people can find that they sell their home and then have to move into temporary accommodation before they find the right property to move into for the longer term.  If you find yourself moving back in with family, or in a small bedsit whilst you’re in-between homes, you may want to consider self storage. This will enable you to keep all your possessions safe and secure instead of worrying about trying to sell everything on pre-loved sites and buying again in the future.

Storage Boxes in Stock – SAS Self Storage, Bispham


Storage solutions don’t have to be long term.  You may need a short term storage solution whilst you are carrying out necessary maintenance to your home.  If you are having major work done for example, getting an extension to your home or having an electric re-wire, you may want to protect expensive items.  Your TV, sofa, even your bed may be getting in the way if you have major repair work going on. Instead of trying to work around your furniture, you can ensure that it stays dust free and undamaged by keeping it in a secure self storage unit.

Brand New Facility – SAS Self Storage, Bispham

New Baby

Having a new baby can really mean big changes to your home.  You may have glass coffee tables and display cabinets that are no longer safe to have in your home.  Maybe the baby’s room is currently a guest room with a decent bed in. You don’t need to throw that stuff away.  

Your baby won’t be a baby forever and eventually, you can get those things back from your self storage unit and use them again in your home.  If you have had a baby who has started outgrowing some of their baby things and are thinking of having another at some point, self storage can be a great way to keep your first baby’s things so that you have them ready for a sibling to use in future.

Garden Furniture

Bought some beautiful garden furniture this summer?  Garden furniture can be very expensive to buy and so it’s not surprising that you would want it to stay in tip top condition so that you can use it again next year.  Don’t leave your possessions at the mercy of the elements! You can simply use self storage for the winter months to ensure that your furniture stays out of the rain, snow and ice that winter will undoubtedly bring.


Some people like to take long amounts of time out to go travelling.  Maybe you’re going on a gap year from university or you might just be taking the opportunity to travel.  You don’t have to sell all your stuff or worry about it when you’re out of the country. Just put it in secure self storage.  This is a great option for parents who may want to use their son or daughter’s room for another purpose whilst they are enjoying time abroad.

We make it as easy as possible for you. SAS Self Storage

Working Away

Some people have a great opportunity to spend time working in another location for an amount of time.  If you decide to rent out your home during this time or give up your home whilst you are away, it is a great idea to put your possessions in storage until you decide when you are returning and where you will live when you do return.  This is especially useful if you will be working abroad and taking all your things isn’t an option.

Empty Nest

If your kids have gone away to university or have taken the next step in life and moved out, you’ll understandably be wanting to make use out of their room.  Maybe you want to set up a gym in their room, or even rent it out to a lodger. You can keep your child’s possessions in self storage so that you can be prepared in case they need to return home at some point.  

A lot of university students go back to their parent’s homes at Christmas and summer holidays for example so if their things are in self storage, this will allow you to set their room back up if they need it. Of course, things may not work out for them and in that case, they would be very appreciative of being able to return to their old possessions.

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