Coastguard Helicopter lands in the middle of the night

Last night we observed a very large helicopter flying from the sea over blackpool moving inland to what appeared to be over the grange park / staining area. The helicopter spent approx 20 mins flying around the area with it’s search lights on. The flying conditions last night were less than favourable – with a blanket of fog covering most of the area at that time. 

We assumed at the time this must be the coastguard conducting a casualty transfer and the extended time loitering in our skies must have been down to the fog making a landing at lawsons road field (the usual drop off point for airlifted casualties) unusually difficult.

Reports today have confirmed that the chopper ( a Sikorsky s92 pictured above) was indeed dropping off a patient for the NW Ambulance Service to then take the 77 year old patient who was picked up from the forest of bowland area – onward to Blackpool Vic for treatment. 

One of our followers Ryan posted this picture in a comment from a flight tracking app – the call sign of this aircraft has returned as Blocked as is often the case with military and emergency helicopters. You can see from the flight path that the aircraft spent a considerable amount of time circling the Blackpool area before delivering it’s passenger then departing to the south west back to Caernarfon Airport where Rescue 936 (the call sign of the helicopter) is based.