Play Station 5 due 2020

Great news for Playstation fans – the new console is officially on its way!!

11/10/2019 – Written By: WILL RITCHIE, EDITOR
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In a press release earlier this week – Sony announced that they are ready to announce the release date of the eagerly anticipated Playstation 5.

An early impression of how the console will look when released.

In the release sony stated that the next generation console would make use of new technology such as haptic technology and adaptive triggers.

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“There are two key innovations with the PlayStation 5’s new controller. First, we’re adopting haptic feedback to replace the ‘rumble’ technology found in controllers since the 5th generation of consoles,”

“The second innovation is something we call adaptive triggers, which have been incorporated into the trigger buttons (L2/R2). Developers can program the resistance of the triggers so that you feel the tactile sensation of drawing a bow and arrow or accelerating an off-road vehicle through rocky terrain.”

The New game pad will make the gaming experience more immersive for gamers offering more feedback for different in game events. This means that crashing into a wall will feel different to firing an in game weapon.

The 2 games that have been hinted at so far are Death Stranding and The Last of Us Part II.

Previously Sony announced that their new console will be more efficient on power taking advantage of a new standby mode to monitor power consumption.

The release date has been announced as “holiday 2020” which we assume to mean December time.

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